The Last Man By Brian Simpson

     A great existential survival article has appeared at the otherwise brief news service
by Ted Malloch, “Europa, Eurabia and the Last Man,” July 30, 2017.

     The reference to the “last man,” is to the description given by the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche (1844-1900) in Thus Spoke Zarathustra, to depict world-weary men, concerned only for their personal comfort and security, who are incapable of defence, and thus are opportunistic pacifists. Nietzsche saw the West as heading towards the mass production of such “last men,” which would ultimately spell the doom of their societies when faced with an external threat.

     The last man is radically distinct from the “over-man” who seeks to transcend the existing limits of the human condition, and build himself anew. Not so the last man, who is a coward and a slob: Today, we cultural critics would call them “sheeples,” the mindless mass of “zombies” (as Mike Adams at natural, calls them), who let it all happen, or worse, simply support the system solely to reap rewards. The universities are full of these orcs and under-men.

     Back to the Malloch article. He notes that the vast flood of people from the Third world to the West, both Europe and the United States (but Australia and the rest of the West should be included) constitutes a great “death wish”:

“The U.S. estimates it is now populated by millions of illegal and undocumented immigrants. In fact, about one-fourth of the 42.4 million foreign-born people living in the United States today are illegal immigrants – this amounts to roughly 10.5 million, according to an objective study by the Center for Immigration Studies.
Geostrategists cannot comprehend billions (yes, potentially billions) of people moving from South to North. They can’t comprehend the risk or the total effects of this — a world without borders. Yet it is something that globalist political leaders and flat worlders actually seek and actively endorse.
Europe will change. This will happen… is happening, in our lifetimes, with globalist elites endorsing it as benign or even laudatory. The ‘anywhere’ crowd with no attachment to place, custom or religion, favor such open borders.
The ‘somewhere’ folks who still have some degree of loyalty to national identity, tradition and religion do not share the same attitude. As the global elites get their way we witness the end of Europe and the emergence of the Last man.”

     The last man is incapable of rising to the challenge posed by mass migration, among other threats; as the conservative philosopher Roger Scruton has said, “Put simply, the citizens of Western states have lost their appetite for foreign wars; they have lost the hope of scoring any but temporary victories; and they have lost confidence in their way of life. Indeed, they are no longer sure what that way of life requires of them.”
Thus, they are set to lose this way of life, which is fast happening now, according to Malloch:

“If present trends continue, and every evidence — from Merkel to Macron, from Sweden to Canada suggests it will (Trump excluded) — the migrants will not abate. They will continue to come (mostly single males of young adult status) on mass to open and willing arms.
Make no mistake this is nothing less than the utter and complete transformation of Europe into Eurabia, a cultural and political appendage of the Arab and Afro/Muslim world. This Eurabia is fundamentally anti-Christian, anti-Western, anti-American, and anti-Semitic.”

     Ironically, those who should be opposing this, support it, because of their own ideological agenda, thinking that the forces unleashed will wipe out their enemies, but not them, like two sumo wrestlers in a contest to see who survives from eating slices of poisonous fugu fish:

     It is a delusional belief, indicating that the elites because of their hubris, and psychopathology, have not thought through the consequences of their grand experiment, or factored in Murphy’s Law.

     Dear Dark Satanic Lords, some questions. What happens to all of those nuclear reactors when the collapse occurs, which you so lust for? When these 450 + reactors go into meltdown, are you willing to spend the rest of human existence underground? Escaping into space to live in space stations, or on a terraformed Mars, no doubt may be on your minds, but it’s a long shot. Too bad if it fails, for them, you are back to rot with us.

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