The Internet Kill Switch, Yeah Baby! By Brian Simpson

     What a glorious thing it was for the internet to take a huge kick in the guts and go to the ground, rolling in pain. Sure, it got back up to fight the next round, but there is hope that it could all just die one day, leaving us with glorious chaos for a while, but then something we have not had for a long time, peace.  Here is good old Mike Adams giving his end times like take on all of this, which I always enjoy being in the cranky winter of my life, not made better by arthritis in my lower back that kills me sitting typing for hours, because I am too dumb to get up and stretch, but I digress:

“It is no coincidence that two days after the Trump administration announced a massive DOJ anti-trust investigation into Google, dozens of tech companies have been disrupted via sweeping internet outages that many are calling the “internet kill switch.” Throughout the day today (Sunday), massive outages took down nearly all Google services (Gmail, Google, YouTube, Google Home, Google Hangouts etc.), and hard-hitting glitches hit all the following services …
•    Gmail / Google / Google services
•    YouTube
•    Facebook
•    Twitter
•    Amazon and Amazon Web Services
•    AT&T, T-Mobile, Comcast, Verizon and Spectrum
•    Apple Store and iCloud

The outages have affected literally millions of websites and e-commerce sites and demonstrate that all these tech companies have an Achilles Heel — a common infrastructure that can be crippled and taken down in seconds. Two days ago, the DOJ essentially declared war against Google — which is exactly the right move — by announcing it had begun an anti-trust investigation into Google’s anti-competitive practices. This took place barely two weeks after the White House announced an effort to collect case studies from people and businesses all across America who have been censored, de-platformed or economically sabotaged by Google and other tech giants.”

You are likely watching a high-stakes WAR being waged between Big Tech and President Trump.
ANALYSIS: What you’re actually watching may be the Trump administration firing a warning shot over the bow of Silicon Valley and its evil tech giants. The message is clear: If you continue to censor the human rights and free speech of conservatives and Christians, you will be taken down and denied access to the internet infrastructure. This is just the beginning of what’s coming. I have publicly called for the arrest and prosecution of big tech CEOs like Jack Dorsey, Mark Zuckerberg and Tim Cook. These organizations — Google, Apple, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook — are openly engaged in massive, coordinated criminal fraud, election rigging and treason against the United States of America. These techno-fascists are operating online cartels that suffocate the speech of conservatives, Christians and Trump supporters. These evil techno-fascists must be stopped. Their CEOs must be arrested, and their operations must be either radically reformed or completely dismantled and taken offline. It’s time for all humans on planet Earth to demand the dismantling of Big Tech and end its crimes against humanity. The systematic censorship of speech for political purposes is a criminal act of war against the human race. These tech giants must be stopped the same way we once stopped Adolf Hitler: Declare war, then defeat the evil fascists using the full power of the military. It’s time for Trump to call for the military police to locate and arrest the CEOs of the tech giants, then hold them for prosecutions under military law.”

     I like the Mike Adams columns because they are so extreme, yet sensibly argued, so that these writings make my scratched-out words look polite and conservative by comparison. I would not go so far as to call for the tech leaders to be arrested Assange-style, since all they are doing is acting within the law which at present is total open market and naturally contrary to the common good. Clearly, the internet is a public resource and needs regulation, contrary to the insanity of US crazed libertarian economics which allows all of these injustices to occur. So, go for that; regulation over mass arrests. Afterall, Trump cannot even stop illegal migrants pouring into America, at the rate of what, a billion a day, so how is he going to fulfil any of Mike’s extreme wishes?

     Still, what would be better yet would be for the neo-Luddite world to dawn of the end of the internet, and a regression, nay, progress, back to what we have lost before technocracy ruled everything. We have been technocratic slaves for so long that we no longer know what the cool fresh oxygen of real freedom is like.



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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