The Immigrant Overclass has Been Imported By James Reed

     The issue of the importation of an Asian overclass, who will move into professional jobs and become the new ruling class of Australia, has been discussed for some years, most notably by Peter Wilkinson in The Howard Legacy:

     American conservatives, who generally love Asianisation, also seem a tiny bit worried about this, maybe because their children and grandchildren may not get into Ivy League universities; here is a good article discussing all of the US issues:

     The storm in the teacup pseudo-debate about Chinese influence continues, and predictably enough, our local corporate elites are worried that the debate will harm sacred business, and sacred profits from tourists and foreign students. After all, the international student racket is tied up to immigration and the importation of the immigrant overclass, so politicians need to tread carefully.

     In fact, the entire society has been riddled with globalism, and it is simply a smoke screen to single out a few politicians who are allegedly working for China. Almost all academics in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences are actively engaged in an anti-Australian agenda, and on a daily basis vilify ordinary white workers whose taxes pay their salaries. The salary of the average Australian professor in these disciplines is about $159,324, all to denigrate Australian values and lecture and write about how racist Australian are. It is good business for them and a growth industry.

     Does the blood of anyone else out here in internet land boil over this? Why are they let to get away with it?  Join me in working to close down universities, not merely in Australia, but across the world.

     The savings that can be made will dwarf the lousy $28 billion that the international student market allegedly represents.  Much of what is done in the non-politically correct utilitarian sector of the university, can be replicated cheaper in centres like teaching hospitals for medicine, engineering centres, or even done on-line. The costs of the 43 universities and the rest of the tertiary sector in Australia comes to some $ 31.64 billion per annum, and rising:  which is largely a waste of money for mere advanced child care of youths. Think of the real estate money generated from selling off these decaying institutions!



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Sunday, 24 January 2021
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