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The Hyper-Cucked West By John Steele

     As pointed out in a confronting article at, Europe, and arguably the rest of the West, has not woken up to the realities of the cold winds of war which are blowing through societies at an alarming pace.
    The death toll from Islamic terrorism so far is: Madrid: 191. London: 58. Amsterdam: 1. Paris: 148. Brussels: 36. Copenhagen: 2. Nice: 86. Stockholm: 4. Berlin: 12. Manchester: 22.  There are, as well, hundreds of Europeans murdered in  Bali,  Sousse,  Dakka, Jerusalem,  Sharm el Sheikh and Istanbul. On average there have been terrorist attacks in Europe on an average of one every nine days. But, as the Gatestone article cited above notes,  Europe is fighting back with teddy bears, candles, flowers, vigils, Twitter hashtags and cartoons.”

     We have often commented on how this is likely to end, but recently Roosh v, who himself is non-White, has given a frank statement on where open borders immigration leads. Are you ready for it? The May 15, 2017 article is entitled “The Barbarians Will Solve Your Sterile Existence”:

“Nature does not care about education, “high quality” offspring, college degrees, equal rights, cleanliness, sustainability, philosophy, or the environment. It cares about fertility and might, and the species or race that is most fertile and most powerful will be rewarded with the bounty that the Earth provides. The people who are able to take over the planet in sheer numbers, regardless of their intelligence or manners, will come to rule the world, just like how homo sapiens came to overrun the more intelligent Neanderthals by breeding at a far superior rate. The most intelligent race on the planet can use their smarts to fortify themselves in caves as the more numerous barbarians take over the planet, even if they’re nothing more than mindless zombies.
Rational thinking from the Enlightenment era, when taken to its logical end in proving that families, divinity, and traditional standards aren’t necessary, along with the notion that the individual is God, leads to the suicide of society. Rationale, in it’s beautifully cherished civilized form, leads to the end of any race who participates in it, while the stupid barbarians with IQs of 95 or lower, who follow a 1400-year-old book that implores them to conquer and chop off heads, continue to multiply and take over more lands.
We are the mistakes of nature. We are the grotesque. We have been condemned for replacement, forsaken by God for enabling over one billion abortions in just a few decades while we attempt to change the rules of nature, to declare man woman and woman man. Our goal is not one of spiritual enlightenment but of achieving the most vile feats of degeneracy.
Because of our cultural and biological sterility, I believe we have been fated for destruction. Even though this end stares us right in the face, the best we can muster is a few rants on internet web sites, while the barbarians are raping, conquering, and breeding. I promise you they will win. History shows that the barbarians always win. They are the solution to a broken people. They faithfully worship their gods while we worship our Facebook likes and celebrities. We are so hopelessly sterile, so anti-life, that nature will celebrate when we are replaced by those who can barely read. But they will treasure the life of their kind, and that’s enough.”

     That sums it all up. The “barbarians” as he calls them are the whirlwinds reaped from winds that have been sown: Hosea 8-7. Multitudes of moral failures, the most notable being turning away from God and embracing secular humanist religions such as feminism, and the philosophy of liberal abortion, has been matched by open immigration and an assault on traditional values, culture and race, all in the race to the bottom of the wheelie bin.

     Roosh is right; this is not going to be a pleasant fight. In particular, the barbarian invaders this time, will, when all of this is over, inherit smouldering ruins and wastelands, so their survival is insecure too. They, although stronger than the usual cucked white that one encounters, have also been weakened by the decadence of over-civilization. Affluence and this age of plenty have a downside, because once one becomes dependent on these things, when they are taken away by circumstances, including out own hubris, the blowback is like the punch which one never saw coming. And, that great fist of history is heading towards each of our jaws now, with a fury greater than a young Mike Tyson.



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Wednesday, 08 July 2020
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