The Hollywood Cesspool By Chuck Taylor

     It has been a busy week here in LA, with the Harvey Weinstein revelations of sexual abuse. This Hollywood big knob was exposed as having sexually assaulted, and allegedly raped at least three women over many years, with even his brother expressing shock! horror! at the depths of “depravity”:

     His wife has left him, and Weinstein was apparently “suicidal,’ which could be true given the distance that he has fallen.

     Weinstein, obviously enough is Jewish, and this affair produced some extraordinary critiques and debate in the American Jewish intellectual community, with one leading journalist saying…well, you had better read it, since you Aussies have even less freedom of speech than we Yanks:

     There was, of course, replies to this, and heated ones at that:

     Without defending Weinstein in anyway, it is worth keeping this debate in perspective. Weinstein has been tossed under a bus, but the same stars who attacked Trump for his remarks – that is ,words – have been silent during this event. These Hollywood stars were all aware of Weinstein’s behaviour, as well as even worse behaviour alleged to occur in Hollywood, such as paedophilia, which has been reported to some degree in the mainstream media:

     There is much more that could be referenced, but I am keeping to mainstream publications. These articles, discussing Stanley Kubrick’s movie, Eyes Wide Shut, starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, is well worth reading, dealing with secret occult societies, and all that stuff, meat itself for a great movie:

     At present it does appear that the Weinstein revelations are spilling beyond merely him, with actresses saying that this is but the tip of a very large iceberg of abuse in Hollywood:

     This abuse involves many male actors:
and also involves sexual assault of young male actors, both Black and White, as well:

     None of this should come as a surprise, given what we already know about Hollywood. Hollywood elites and actors and actresses supported Roman Polanski, even with his statutory rape of a 13-year old child, many calling him a “great artist”:
The child was drugged and raped at the time.

     We should not hold our breathe waiting for Trump to comment on this, or even open an investigation:

     Hillary Clinton, alleged champion of women’s justice must have known about these accusations, but what did she do in exposing her long-term donor? Well, read what others think:

     The accusations also flow on beyond politics to the business community as well:  “Stop funding rapists, alleged pedos, and sexual harassers.”



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Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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