The Higher Man in Kali Yuga By John Steele

     I tend to get more than a little cynical about articles by intellectuals at Alt Right sites, that draw on Nietzsche and other thinkers such as the flavour of the month, Evola (not to be confused with Ebola, as I once did whilst drunk) to define some sort of “superman” or “overman” who will rise from the ashes after the collapse, or what some like to call the Kali Yuga, or age of decay (actually, literally, “age of beans”): 

     I am not sure I understand the article which links Evola’s critique to Nietzsche, as I have not read either of these authors, only potted summaries. But, as a practical man, and former warrior, I do know that neither Evola nor Nietzsche, although writing  about the warrior ethos,  would have had a low chance of surviving any sort of grid-down scenario. Nietzsche went mad, and Evola was mainly a philosophical scribbler (and hence weak), so none of them would have got in much, if any, physical training. It is clear to me, that beyond all the academic dreaming about higher men, higher men, defined here as surviving men, they need to be able to survive the coming storm, and this is not done by speculation in books, or being glued to a computer. Beyond all else, the “higher” man will be a survivalist, immersed in the practical affairs of self-defence, food preparation, and living rough and tough, more so than any set of philosophical beliefs. Think Jeff Cooper over, say, those writing for most of the Alt Right. Some of these guys get sucker punched while raving before cameras, which indicates a lack of awareness of one’s environment. The acid test must be the size of the biceps, not the volume of bs produced. 



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Tuesday, 27 October 2020
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