The Height from Which Manhood has Fallen By John Steele, Ageing Man of Steel

     Here is a literary piece lamenting about the fall of modern man, from once being a warrior, to now simply selling consumer goods. It is worth a quick read:[object%20Object

     The problem with this sort of article is that the man in question seems to be actually doing quite well, for at least he has a job. A starker view of reality might entail examining the harms that feminism has done as part of it tradition of critique, in eliminating men from the workplace:

     As well as this is the undermining of traditional society by the relentless march of globalism, armed with the latest technology to make men redundant, if not the human species itself in the ultimate act of hubris.  Nevertheless, even the best laid plans sometimes come unstuck, so if the cosmo-elites fail this time, let us not allow this same tyranny to be repeated in another cycle of history. It would be better for human history to end instead.



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Thursday, 13 August 2020
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