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The Hamburger … Soon to be an Extinct Species By Chris Knight

     The classical Soviet-style communist was a meat eater, some would also say a metaphysical eater of human flesh, but let’s not go there. Unlike Stalin though, the new communist who has risen in America, but which has yet to emerge to the same degree of madness, wants to go after red meat, all in the name of a so-called “green planet”! What next you may ask? Think of a freedom, and then imagine it gone.

“Hamburgers, the iconic American fast-food staple, have become the latest battlefield in US culture and political wars, with conservatives accusing ‘Green New Deal’ Democrats of being secret Reds for going after red meat.
“They want to take your pickup truck, they want to rebuild your home, they want to take away your hamburgers,” former White House staffer Dr. Sebastian Gorka thundered on Thursday, to the applause of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) at National Harbor, Maryland. This is what Stalin dreamt about, but never achieved. “You are on the frontlines of the war against Communism coming back to America under the guise of democratic socialism,” Gorka added.

CPAC 2019

“You are on the frontlines of the war against communism coming back to America under the guise of democratic socialism” @SebGorka #CPAC2019 #WhatMakesAmericaGreat

1:23 AM - Mar 1, 2019

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President Donald Trump’s one-time adviser (January-August 2017) was referencing the ‘Green New Deal’ plan championed by firebrand freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-New York). Rolled out earlier this month, the proposal called for “massive transformation” of US society with the goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions with a decade, but also for the government to provide guaranteed jobs, healthcare, housing and economic security “for all who are unable or unwilling to work,” among other things. The whole thing was red meat to Gorka, who denounced the proposal at CPAC as “a watermelon: green on the outside, deep deep red Communist on the inside.” While the Hungarian-American Trump supporter is well-known for such black-and-white rhetoric, the quip about hamburgers is not random. Trump himself is a big fan of the fast food item, ordering scores of hamburgers last month to cater a White House reception for college football champions during the government shutdown. More to the point, one of the sections of Ocasio-Cortez’s since-deleted Green New Deal FAQ spoke of the need to “fully get rid of… farting cows” because they were destroying the environment with methane. Not surprisingly, conservative journalists called out Ocasio-Cortez for the hypocrisy of her chief of staff chowing down on a hamburger at a DC restaurant.

Caleb Hull

Replying to @CalebJHull
Hi AOC, why is your Chief of Staff eating a hamburger? smh

1:39 PM - Feb 27, 2019

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The congresswoman has shrugged off criticism by declaring she would ignore those “shouting from the cheap seats” while she was the only one doing something to save the planet. I’m like, you try. ... Until you do it, I’m the boss! How about that?! Stalin, of course, never wanted to abolish hamburgers – the beef patty was one of the US curiosities his foreign trade minister Anastas Mikoyan introduced to the USSR in the 1930s, where they became known as "Mikoyan cutlets" – but as Ocasio-Cortez herself said on 60 Minutes last month, “there's a lot of people more concerned about being precisely, factually, and semantically correct than about being morally right."

     Don’t you like the little event where one of the staffers was wolfing down red meat, and from the photograph there was almost an entire cow between two slices of bread, and simply shrugged off the criticism, like water off a communist duck’s back? That is how the Left operate, where hypocrisy is the rule, and moral consistency thrown to the winds. If reader’s think that this sort of madness simply could not get off the ground other than in the United States of Insanity, consider this entry in the theatre of the absurd from Germany, where the oppressive state apparatus is selling people’s dogs to pay the bills:

“German treasury officials have seized a family's beloved pug and auctioned it off on eBay to cover their debts – including an unpaid dog tax – but the dog's new owner now claims she was sold a defective product. Purebred pug Edda fetched just $850 on eBay after the city of Ahlen put her up for auction – and the policewoman who bought her is demanding the city pay for the medical procedures she requires. Officer Michaela Jordan plans to sue the city, complaining that the one-year-old dog was advertised as healthy but in reality had a "massive eye injury" that has so far required four surgeries – costing over $2,000 to fix, with a fifth looming in the future. A city worker had even reassured Jordan that the dog was healthy when she questioned the low price tag, explaining that the dog was a repo.”

     Will your dog and hamburger be next?



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