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The Gulags are Coming By Bruce Bennett

     The commos love the good old days when enemies of the commo state were rounded up, and put in gulags to be worked to death. The commos have not done any real work in their lives, so the thought of watching others do it, is a kind of labour porno, I suppose, pardon the French:

“A leftist student group defended Stalin’s Gulag labour camps Tuesday, calling them more “compassionate” than the “western, capitalist notion of prison”. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Plus Society at London’s Goldsmiths University suggested people who question transgenderism are sent to such camps, for up to ten years, for “re-education”. “The ideas of [Trans exclusive radical feminists] and anti-Trans bigots literally *kill* and must be eradicated through re-education,” the student group wrote on Twitter before deleting their account. When Claire Graham, a special education needs teacher, asked if their attempts to silence a list of academics who questioned transgenderism was “a bit fascist”, the account replied: “Na, we’ll just arrange to send you to the Gulag.”

     Thanks for that; it is good to know where we all stand. This is an example of the new nihilism of post truth liberalism, Maoism on steroids:

     The British philosopher John Gray, commenting on the rise of post truth liberalism, has said:

“The singularity of the present time lies in the fact that the geopolitical retreat of the West has coincided with the advance of a hyperbolic liberal ideology in western societies. The fall of communism was celebrated as the endpoint of political development. In future, the only legitimate mode of government would consist of replicas of liberal democracy. … At the same time the liberal endpoint on which all other societies were supposedly converging has been changing shape. A liberal way of life emerged as part of a search for toleration in the aftermath of early modern European wars of religion. Today, the predominant liberalism defines itself in opposition to that way of life. In an ironic reversal, post-Cold-War liberals who believed the West had finally triumphed have been supplanted by a new type for whom the West is the chief enemy. For these alt-liberals, toleration is the enemy of social justice. … Among those indoctrinated with alt-liberalism, older liberal values are inverted. Privileged products of elite universities rage against cultural appropriation, while the complaints of destitute and despairing proles are dismissed with contempt as expressions of white supremacy. …”

     The chatterers pushing this, do not look to see the strings that are attached to themselves allowing them to be controlled. There is definitely an agenda behind this, which is going far beyond just controlling the world, because, face it, the elites control the world already, and we are but slaves. In other articles some speculate that the agenda must be the destruction of humanity, but while this end result is true, whether this is the set purpose of an unintended consequence, remains to be seen. Perhaps we will live to see how the story ends, one way or another, as the pin has already been pulled on the grenade of modernity:



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Tuesday, 26 May 2020
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