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The Great Wall of America: On Declaring a National Emergency By Charles Taylor

     President Donald Trump appears to be not backing down on the so-called shutdown of the Federal government over the Great Wall of America issue. That is good to see, if he can stick to it, because the Democrats  have already moved to impeach him, much for the same reasons that our own Fraser Anning is now attacked, that is, only progressive views are to be permitted, and anyone disagreeing with them is beyond the pale, and should just be replaced. That is the way the liberal-Left-globalist mind now works. Ok, I am in America, not in Australia and did not see the rally that is causing all the trouble, but  I take it that some really  bad people did some really wicked bad hand movements. Well, condemn  them, that is what is done nowadays, and I certainly don’t support them, my pappy having fought in WWII, and my uncle dying from a sniper round. But, not everybody did the movements and it was a minority that did. Should everyone therefore be condemned for the actions of a few baddies, in a type of collective punishment, beloved of communist regimes? If so, will that apply to the Left, and when antifa beat up people, will the whole Leftoid team therefore be condemned? You can bet that this won’t happen, because morality today is a one way street.

     President Trump, even according to the Democrats has the authority to use the military to build a wall. I mean if America can fight endless wars in the Middle East, why can’t it be permitted to secure its own borders? Anyone would think that the ruling elites wanted the place to be swamped!

     The above reference relate to the support that Trump has for the Wall, with a Go Fund Me campaign, like an IT version of the old tried and proven chook raffle, hitting record highs. As I see it, since in the future the Wall if it is built by Trump will be torn down by progressives (something no one is talking about, since the Trumpers don’t want to poison their own well), Trump might as well do the Charles Taylor quick and dirty version. I worked as a fencing contractor in the wilds of Montana when I was younger, and used a lot of barbed wire, some razor wire too in ranch work to keep cattle in line. Nasty stuff barbed wire, which is why the military use it. It is easy to put down, and with a few strong posts, can be made vehicle proof. It can be made into almost a hillside so you would never cut through it. There must be tens of thousand of tons of rusting barbed wire in America; just dump it all on the border. Behind it, dump piles of scrap metal to stop the truck attacks. Sure the Wall becomes a fence, but so what? The point is something cheap could be whipped up now with just the pocket money from the Trump voters, with spare change for burgers all round. Anything to ram it up the insane left progressives.



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Sunday, 31 May 2020
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