The Governor General Forgets What His Role Is! By Ian Wilson LL.B

     The ever-relevant and hard-hitting, Andrew Bolt is spot on with this one, as usual:

“I’ve been out of the country just two days. Did I miss the memo to tear up the important convention that our (unelected) Governor-General keep out of politics?: Governor-General David Hurley says Australia must move quickly to secure constitutional recognition of Australia’s first peoples through a referendum. Stay in your lane, GG. It is not your role to play politics. You are the constituional umpire, not a player. It is certainly not your role to take a partisan stand on such a very divisive political issue, and risk trashing your ability to perform your key function - as the ultimate impartial umpire in the event of a constitutional crisis. (By the way, I suspect you'll find most Australians are against you on constitutional recognition.) Will the Prime Minister have the will to advise the Governor-General to keep his nose out of this?”

     No, the PM will not, because the indigenous referendum has become the next big thing to the new class and higher elites. It will be used to take their agenda to where they want it to go in record time. Take this story as a warning of what they will do. The same sex victory was just testing the waters, this plays for keeps. Oppose the “Yes” side with ever fibre of strength in your body. Lose this and nothing else will matter, it is be the slippery slope down to the end of the world as we knew it.



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Thursday, 28 October 2021
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