The Globo-Commo Pope By peter West

     Here is my update on the latest bit of globo-commo nonsense from the Pope. Rather than doing what Popes should be doing, commenting on issues such as spiritual decline, this Pope reads like some crazy person from a wacko sociology department, eager to have his head patted by those who run such projects:

“Pope Francis compared today’s emergence of populist and nationalist movements to the days of Nazi Germany in an address to a group of diplomats accredited to the Holy See Monday. The upcoming year will mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the League of Nations, the pope said in his annual address, which represented “the beginning of modern multilateral diplomacy, by which states try to remove mutual relations from the logic of oppression that leads to war.” Difficulties with the League of Nations led exactly twenty years after its birth to “a new and more lacerating conflict, which was the Second World War.”

“The indispensable premise of the success of multilateral diplomacy is the good will and good faith of the interlocutors, the willingness to a fair and sincere confrontation and the willingness to accept the inevitable compromises that arise from the confrontation between the parties,” he said. “Where even one of these elements fails, the search for unilateral solutions prevails and, ultimately, the overwhelming of the weaker by the stronger,” he said, and unfortunately, “we note that the same attitudes are still undermining the stability of the main international organizations.” The pope went on to put forward his belief that globalist organizations are key to the maintenance of peace and international stability. I consider it important that “even in the present time the will of a peaceful and constructive confrontation between the States does not fail,” he said, “even though it is evident that relations within the international community, and the multilateral system as a whole, are going through difficult times, with the re-emergence of nationalistic tendencies.”

     On the contrary, globalist organisations are anti-democratic and seek to squash people into conformity, as part of the power agenda of the capitalist superclass of financial elites. One would have thought that this approach has been tried and spectacularly failed, but the globalists will never give up. In a world of nuclear ashes, the sole surviving globalist will be proclaiming, “one world of ashes.”



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Wednesday, 27 January 2021
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