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The Globalist Dark Conspiracy to Eliminate Me and You! By Bruce Bennett

     What would the “normies,” the good men and women who do nothing, do if they were told that there is a conspiracy or great plan to eliminate them, and their kind from the face of the Earth? Sure, they would never believe this because no matter how many times the government bites and tears their flesh, they believe in the system, that gives them a little food, less sex, but plenty of expensive drugs and alcohol to keep them “comfortably numb”:

     Anyway, here is Mike Adams in full flight on his pet theme, that the globalists are actively moving to kill us all, maybe even the migrants, whom I thought were to play the role of secular saints in the globalist theocracy. The plan first involves the use of AI to replace humans in all the jobs that we once had, and then the robots will be given the vote and programmed to vote commo, which is what the migrants do now. As robots are lower cost than migrants, it is natural that the soulless elite would move to replace them and us, on that ground alone. Then there is all of the environmentalist bs, which we know is all false news, every single drop of it:

“Part of the elitist justification for all this rests on the fact that globalists believe Earth is a vulnerable planet for multiple reasons, including space weather events (asteroid strikes, solar flares, etc.) as well as the human depletion of natural resources. The elimination of 90% of the human population, they believe, is necessary to prevent the planet’s resources from being consumed by “useless eaters” instead of being redirected into exotic research projects that would shore up the survival of the human species and protect against cosmic events that, right now, could wipe out humanity in an instant. Specifically, globalists believe that Earth’s elitists must:

•    Colonize other planets in order to diversify the survival odds of the human race. Ultimately, this colonization must move beyond our solar system and build human worlds near other stars.
•    Build faster-than-light travel systems to colonize planets orbiting other stars within our galaxy.
•    Build exotic planetary defense systems that protect Earth from attacks by other civilizations that they know inhabit the cosmos.
•    Achieve breakthrough leaps in Artificial Intelligence, quantum computing and materials science that enable, for example, the construction of space elevators — a necessary breakthrough for lifting materials into orbit to support the construction of human colonies on Mars and elsewhere.

The current situation where Earth’s governments are spending the vast majority of their wealth paying for “useless eaters” to continue living and reproducing isn’t a sustainable scenario, globalists believe. Thus, they see the extermination of 90% of the human population as a necessary evil in order to save the world and save humanity on a cosmic scale. (It almost reminds you of Thanos from the Marvel universe, a powerful cosmic being who travels around the universe exterminating half the population on each planet he encounters, all in the name of sustainability.) In essence — and this is not my point of view, but theirs — every dollar that’s currently going to feed a food stamp recipient, process a migrant or finance the retirement of a former government worker would be better spent on colonizing Mars, the globalists believe. All their current talk of advocating for migrants is merely a way to overthrow sovereign nations, eliminate borders and establish global United Nations control from which global depopulation can be directed without resistance from independent nation states (i.e. Trump is the enemy).

One coming conflict, by the way, will be between this UN-directed global government and communist China, which is about to face its own economic and environmental collapse.”

     Wow, it will be better than any movie to see a stand of between the New World Order and Communist china, a battle royale. It will be interesting and highly entertaining, and I hope to live long enough to watch this unfold while drinking a beer and shovelling down a handful of pop corn. Then they can exterminate me. However, the elites plan to use bioweapons to wipe us out, like some sort of vermin. It could be an accidentally released virus from your friendly neighbourhood germ warfare factory, as in the zombie apocalypse movies such as 28 Days Later, or perhaps we will be sprayed from the skies, as farmers spray insect pests in their crops, by lethal chem trails. Shooting everyone of us is not economically efficient, and the Dark lords value economic efficiency above all else:

“The extermination plan rests on the “accidental / on purpose” release of an engineered bioweapon viral strain. Such bioweapons offer several distinct advantages to extermination efforts, from the point of view of globalists:

1) They are not traceable and are easily released into the population with complete anonymity.
2) They are self-replicating. Once the initial population is infected, there’s no need to manufacture more because cellular physiology runs the replication automatically.
3) They exploit the natural social structure of human societies. People will automatically spread the virus because people like to be around other people. Very few people are completely isolated in modern society.
4) They allow globalist governments to declare “pandemic emergencies” and mandate mass vaccinations which, of course, will be laced with additional bioweapons to accelerate the pandemic die-off. As more people become infected from the vaccines, governments will mandate mass vaccination as an “emergency” public health initiative. Those who comply will be infected. Never forget that the mass polio vaccinations of the 1960s and 70s were laced with cancer viruses. This was admitted by the CDC for decades, right up until a few years ago when the CDC scrubbed its website of all such history. Further supporting this realization, UN-approved vaccines administered to women in Kenya have been exhaustively tested in science labs and confirmed be laced with infertility chemicals designed to reduce the population of blacks.
5) They tend to more aggressively target low-wage populations and Third World populations, achieving one of the key goals of the globalists which is to wipe out the “useless eaters” as they see them, while maintaining the top 10% of the human population to carry out the science and innovation that globalists see as necessary to protect Earth.”

    The great advantage of bioweapons over say, nuclear bombs, is that once the human vermin like you and me are eliminated, the things of real value, property, is intact, for the masters of the Universe to wallow in, for their money showers. And, the immune systems of the populations are already weakened by the creation of a toxic world, chem trails, plastic pollution, biosludge, and thousands of other things. Further, even if it was not, the genetically engineered bugs are going to be strong enough to roast the immune system of the Hulk, or Super-man. No stone has been left unturned for the final apocalypse. It’s showtime!

     If all of this is true, which I think at least 110.62 percent is, who is to blame? It is no use blaming the Dark Lords. They are genetically programed to kill, crush and destroy, and it makes as much sense to appeal to their non-existent sense of morality, they being hyper-psychopaths, than it would be to criticise a disease-carrying mosquito, for doing what it does, or for a lion eating prey. No, once more, it is the ordinary people in the shopping malls, going about their business who at the end of the day allow this all to happen. The mass man, the man of dumocracy, has let us down. Yet, we should not be surprised since the average man only has an average IQ, if that.



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Saturday, 04 July 2020
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