The French Revolution 2.0? By James Reed

     What we are seeing played out in America has been compared to the French Revolution, the desire for a total change of institutions. But, there are elements of the Maoist cultural revolution as well with the shaming pc mind control aspects; maybe it is the ultra-revolution to end all revolutions? Or, it collapses in a heap and the good guys win.

“As with the French Revolution, that will be the trigger for a wholesale replacement of our failed institutions. Since it's Bastille Day, a national holiday in France celebrating the French Revolution, let's ask a question few even think (or dare) to ask: could America have a French-style Revolution? Not in some distant era, but within the next five years? By French-style Revolution I don't mean the extravagant use of the guillotine, I mean the complete political overthrow of the ruling elites. This overthrow need not be violent; it could be an entirely peaceful electoral rejection of the two-party political elites and the Federal Reserve / banking / financialization elites which together form the neoliberal-neofeudal ruling elites. The BAU Crowd (business as usual) considers the possibility of such an overthrow of parasitic, predatory elites as remote as a landing by Martians. I suspect they're purposefully blind to the reality that America's elites and institutions are structurally incapable of accepting meaningful reforms that would address the extremes of dysfunction, exploitation, predation and wealth / power / income inequality that characterize America today. America's elites and institutions have only one systemic response to crisis: do more of what's failed spectacularly. This inability to acknowledge the reality of their own self-serving incompetence and the deeply dysfunctional nature of virtually every level of America's economic, social and political order leaves an overthrow of the entire ruling elite as the only option left other than resignation to Bread and Circuses funded by the Fed, a policy of desperation that will inevitably debauch the U.S. dollar and impoverish everyone who counted on Bread and Circuses to fix what's broken. Counting on Fed-funded Bread and Circuses to fix what's broken is the perfection of magical thinking, a state of denial expressed by the phrase routinely (but apparently falsely) attributed to Marie Antoinette, when she learned that the peasants had no bread: Then let them eat brioche (roughly translated into "cake" in English). Ignoring the horror of the delusional BAU Crowd, let's explore the set-up for a French-style Revolution in America.

Setting aside the horrors of the guillotine, the French Revolution was many things unfolding at once:

-- The failure of the Monarchy's money system, as inflation soared to the point commoners could no longer afford bread. (The price of bread peaked the week that the Bastille was stormed by mobs.)
-- The overthrow of the state-religion nexus in favor of Enlightenment rationalism.
-- The romantic ascent of liberty as the rallying cry against an oppressive feudal hierarchy.
-- The fragmentation of the social and political orders into warring factions.
-- The failure of the Monarchy's institutions to recognize and understand the potentially fatal challenges and institute reforms that addressed the problems.
-- The failure of the French economy, which was plagued by poor roads and communication lines, limited trade due to regional fragmentation and low levels of productive investment.
-- Geopolitical rivalries with Great Britain, the rising power of the Germanic states and other continental European powers (Russia, Austria, Sweden).

In sum, institutions that had failed collapsed and were replaced, first by Napoleon's centralized bureaucracies and later by political reforms, a process that took much of the 19th century to play out. I think the parallels to America in 2020 are obvious, if inexact. Most importantly, America's core institutions have failed: the financial system, healthcare, higher education, the political process and the national defense/intelligence complex. In every case, a class of insiders has come to dominate each centralized hierarchy for its own benefit. Blinded by their greed and hubris, they cannot recognize or understand the systemic failure they inhabit because their attachment to their position, privilege and power is blindingly strong. Reform is impossible, for as with the French Monarchy, the existing system is the wrong structure and unit size, to borrow a phrase from Peter Drucker. Reforms profound enough to actually repair what's broken would require the insiders surrender much of their position, privilege and power, which they will never do. As I have taken pains to explain, finance capitalism has fatally distorted the American economy in ways that few understand (or want to understand, since it's so disturbing). The resulting concentration of wealth and power has also fatally distorted the political process of governance.”

     There are threats now of bulldozing US churches to force conformity for the dark gods of the Wuhan flu corona religion. Remember, social distancing for everybody except BLM Leftist protesters/urban terrorists burning buildings, looting, and shooting young white mothers in the head for their belief in classic liberal sentiments such as “All Lives Matter.”

“Two churches in Chicago are reporting that city officials have threatened to bulldoze their churches if they do not comply with the city’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mandates, which currently restrict their ability to hold in-person worship services. Mat Staver, the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel and legal representative of the churches, said that the city has classified his clients as “public nuisances” due to their refusal to follow some of the city’s coronavirus protocols on religious grounds. He further said that his clients were served a letter stating that the city has “the power and duty to cause all nuisances affecting the health of the public to be abated.” This meant that the city could do everything in its power to make sure that Staver’s clients do not hold any in-person religious services for the duration of the pandemic, including the possibility of tearing down the properties should they remain defiant. During an appearance on the Todd Starnes Radio Show, Staver said that he is seeking an emergency injunction on the city’s order for his clients to cease providing their congregation with in-person worship services. The motion for the injunction is headed to the desk of noted Christian and conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Among the churches hit with the city of Chicago’s “summary abatement” orders are the Elim Romanian Pentecostal Church, headed by Reverend Cristian Ionescu, and Metro Praise International headed by Pastor Joe Wyrostek, who told NBC Chicago that he was warned to no longer hold services that have more than 10 people present at his facilities. Ionescu has received similar citations from the city. Wyrostek further stated that he feels very disappointed because his church was not considered an essential institution, and thus could not remain open at the height of the city’s coronavirus lockdown. Other critics of the city’s coronavirus directives have pointed out how Chicago’s crime rate is still very high, and how the Chicago Police Department (CPD) is spending an excessive amount of time policing churches and not enough time cracking down on the violence plaguing the city.”

     That is putting it mildly. Chris Knight in the US tells me that Chicago and Baltimore are examples of social collapse, hyper-dangerous cities with on-going murders, rape and crime of all sorts, except perhaps high-tech crime, as there is not much tech there, beyond the low tech of guns and drugs made in bathtubs. All classic gang banger stuff, fuelled by the gangs.

“Weekends in Chicago have been plagued by violence this summer. Chicago police said 64 people were shot, 11 fatally, between 6:00 p.m. Friday and 11:59 p.m. Sunday. That follows a deadly weekend over the 4th of July when 87 people were shot. The weekend before that, there were 63 shooting victims. "I've been assessing and reassessing everything the Chicago Police Department has done," said CPD Supt. Daivd Brown. "Just imagine starting a new job and having to figure out historical violent crime in about 10 weeks."

     Baltimore, especially is a vision of the urban apocalypse, and if th trucks stop coming in, it will be full on purge night cannibalism.



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Thursday, 22 October 2020
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