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The Fish and Vegetables Diet By Mrs Vera West

     To lose weight and get that blood pressure down, the fish and vegetables diet strikes me as the best. It is palaeo, and Mediterranean combined, dropping the heavy grains   and pasta and carbo-laden stuff like that. Simply fish and a plethora of high anti-oxidant rich vegetables.

“A Polish study advises people with hypertension to eat a lot more fish and vegetables. Both types of food contain trimethylamine oxide (TMAO), a natural compound that supports the healthy functions of the heart.
Trimethylamine oxide is metabolized by the liver. It is synthesized from trimethylamine, which is produced by the action of beneficial bacteria in the gut. People who are at risk for heart diseases often display high levels of trimethylamine oxide in their blood. But the exact process that increases plasma TMAO is vague. The effect of the compound on the circulatory system is also uncertain. Some studies reported that trimethylamine oxide appears to harm the circulatory system. A 2014 rat model by the Medical University of Warsaw (WUM) found that the hypertensive effects of a vasoconstrictor lasted much longer in healthy rats that experienced a 10,000 percent increase in blood TMAO during the course of two weeks. However, researchers also found that TMAO plasma levels significantly increased after eating fish and vegetables. These foods are neutral or even beneficial to the cardiovascular system. TMAO also protects deep-sea fish from the harmful effects of immense water pressure. Finally, it acts as a protein stabilizer.”

     People in Iceland, who live primarily on fish, live the longest on the planet. So, fish must be good for you, but avoid higher mercury types. Here is information about the mercury risk with fish:

    There are plenty of low mercury fish to choose from. Shocking, isn’t it to have to think in these terms, that is how polluted the planet has become.



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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