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The Fantastic Legal Eagle By Ian Wilson LL.B

     I did not know this before, but YouTube has some fanatically fantastic legal material which is highly entertaining, especially on these cold wet winter days. Especially good is Legal Eagle, with a highly articulate lawyer, who deals with legal issues such as what would happen if millions of Americans stormed Area 51, the place of supposed alien technology. The answer is that the Deep State would respond with violence, maybe not killing tens of thousands, but they could if necessary. Legally, if people were aggressive the Deeper’s thugs could kill every one of the million.

     Just as a hypothetical, if most of the US population turned up, practically impossible but still a legal theoretical debating point, what then? In principle, to defend “America” the system could kill most Americans. I imagine that they would replace the entire nation with migrants from South America and Asia overnight, instead of, over a few years as is being done now. Does that sound wrong to you? Just consider the Epstein saga, discussed on these pages elsewhere to see what the Deep State is capable of.



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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