The Face Book of the Elites By Peter Ewer

     While millions of people across the west are homeless, and many facing bitterly cold nights on the street, the masters of the universe only see fit to support the humanist one-world religion of mass immigration:

“The Masters of the Universe at Facebook — and the site’s users — have begun donating millions to a new donation page titled “reunite an immigrant parent with their child.” The Facebook fundraiser page started by Dave and Charlotte Willner from the Bay Area has raised approximately $4.5 million in just under a week, The Wrap reports. The fundraiser page is titled “reunite an immigrant parent with their child” and aims to reconnect illegal immigrants separated from their children during attempts to illegally enter the United States. 113,000 users have donated to the page so far with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg donating significant amounts of money. The fundraiser initially planned to raise $1,500, but donations reached $4.67 million by Tuesday shortly after several private donors matched donations up to $250,000 each.

The Willners wrote on the page: “We are collectively revulsed at what’s happening to immigrant families on our southern border. In times when we often think that the news can’t possibly get worse, it does — we learned last night that 2,000 children (many of them infants and toddlers) have been separated from their parents in just six weeks under President Trump’s ‘zero tolerance’ policy.” The money raised is being donated to Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES,) a group that uses donations to pay bonds for illegal immigrants so that they can be reunited with their children.’ Just when Trump looked like having some guts on the immigration issue, we have the emotional appeal to primarily women, as detailed here, to “save the children”:

     This is America’s version of the “children overboard’ scenario that was played out in this country. It is the latest war cry for the chattering class, such as Hollywood actors:

     The usual rave from attention-seeking Arnold Steroids. Another product of the boomer 1960s went even more ape:

     Of course, nothing from the Left about the fact that Obama did the same to child illegals:

     Thus, it seems fine by the Left to advocate kidnapping a child and mass raping him. Surely, Trump has enough testosterone left to defend his family if he does not have the guts to do anything else? Be a man, take a stand, Mr President! One upon a time, these sorts of insults would be settled by a duel, and it may not be a bad idea to have that tradition restored. A dusty street, high noon, and the Leftist chatterer armed with a six shooter, facing those abused:

     Wait, the Left hate guns; guns are racist, phallic symbols. Let’s not even talk about manliness and honour. But, just to keep things up the Left alley, as I saw in an old movie, how about a mop fight, with steaming hot dirty water? That should be proletariat enough for them: and commo red handled mops could be used just to keep in the spirit of things. The Left could not knock that back. They love dirt.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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