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The Ethnic Ties that Bind By Chris Knight

     Here is the latest thing driving libtards mad re Trump:

“A White House lawyer chosen by Donald Trump to serve on the federal appeals court previously argued countries were weakened by ethnic diversity. Steven Menashi, the president’s nomination for the Court of Appeals Second Circuit, wrote in an academic journal that “ethnic ties provide the groundwork for social trust” and “solidarity underlying democratic polities rests in large part on ethnic identification”. “Surely, it does not serve the cause of liberal democracy to ignore this reality,” he added in the 2010 article for the University of Pennsylvania Journal of International Law.”

     Interested, I decided to search out the article by Menashi:

“Some scholars argue that liberal democracy precludes the state from adopting a particularistic ethnonational identity. In their view, Israel is unique among contemporary nation-states because it allows its particularistic Jewish identity to trump principles of universalism and equality upon which liberal democracy supposedly rests. This Article argues that ethnonationalism remains a common and accepted feature of liberal democracy that is consistent with current state practice and international law. Democratic states implement “laws of return” that privilege the immigration and citizenship of particular ethnic groups. Liberal democracies also promote the welfare of their co-ethnics living abroad and maintain political ties to diasporic ethnonational communities. Such practices are becoming more common as globalization disrupts the coincidence of ethnic demography and political boundaries. International law and practice confirm that a sovereign democratic government may represent a particular ethnonational community. Far from being unique, the experience of Israel exemplifies the character of liberal democracy by highlighting its dependence on particularistic nation-states.”

     I do not agree with Menashi that modern Western states, apart from Israel, promote any ethnonationalist interests. Most countries are frantically supporting the Great Replacement of founding ethnicities. Thus Anglo-Australians are being replaced by other races through legal immigration with no debate at all, and this is openly admitted, even celebrated by the new class, until they are challenged, then they lie and rattle on about conspiracies and the like. See James Reed, “Burying Australia in People,” at this site. Anyway, hopefully Trump appoints him, which will make liberals go even crazier, if that is possible. Accelerationism, all the way, as it is way too late to save anything now:



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Wednesday, 08 July 2020
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