The Epidemic of Universitis by James Reed

It has been reported that there is a major mental health crisis sweeping through “our” universities, with over 70 percent of students experiencing high or very high levels of stress, and over one in three saying that they have contemplated self-harm or suicide:

A national survey found that over half of students sampled had reported feelings of worthlessness, had panic attacks or experienced trouble sleeping. If one does a bit of Googling, one finds that there are similar results across the world:

Why? My take on this, is that it is not so much the stress of study, which has always been with people, or the stresses of life, which confront all young people, but rather the sheer amount of politically correct matertial that students are subjected to. Every course, even in engineering and medicine, drips with these Leftoid toxins, which may push some students close to the abyss, and certainly causes brain poisoning and rot.

All the more reason for closing down the universities, and trying something new. Society, and young people, would be healthier without these cancerous cosmopolitan monstrosities.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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