The Endgame of Progressive Politics By James Reed

     Our universities are not yet as insane as some U.S. ones, but getting there. Consider the political correct mania of Evergreen State College, which had a day of absence, where whites were banned from campus. Cutting to the chase, a progressive Left Jewish professor, who had fought “racism” all of his life objected to this, and was subjected to the violence and hysteria that the Left usually have for the Alt Right. Students demanded that he resign:

     This is a metaphor of what the non-White majority future is going to be like –  diversity-tyranny on training wheels. Today, Whites should not turn up for university; tomorrow, don’t turn up for getting supermarket food, or medical attention and supplies, and basic security:;
    Such is the endgame of progressive politics, the great liberal death wish:



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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