The End of Democracy By Charles Taylor

     All of us who spend our days looking for the sign of the times in the news cycle, can feel it coming, the end of politics, primarily brought on by the creation of multiracial, multicultural societies by non-democratic mass immigration. That, of course is not the only issue, for there is economics, the elephant in the room. Over all, these civilisational crises have led to peole losing faith in the political process, which is very reasonable when the entire system is rotten to the core. Here are some statistics from America, which is leading the West into the sunset: 

     Almost 40 percent of people in the sample said that they have lost faith in the democratic process, whatever that means. I expect the same would hold true for Australia. Democracies do not last very long as Plato observed over 2,500 years ago, as he watched Athenian democracy tear itself apart. 

     Our system, too, is on life support, and living on borrowed time.

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