The End of British Social Capital By Richard Miller

     Britain’s trust in social institutions is at an all-time low, and why should it not be when some parts of the police virtually aided and abetted the rapist grooming gangs, all for the sake of political correctness, not looking like racists:

     If there was any justice in Britain, then new jails should be built to house these guilty cops. Or, build the jails in the deserts of the Middle East, where the cops can feel morally superior with hard labour in the sun. The cops will get nice suntans.

“Britons’ mistrust of government, business, the media and charities rose to the highest in at least 20 years last year, with only Russians admitted to less confidence in their country’s institutions, according to a long-running survey. U.S. public relations firm Edelman ran the study from Oct. 19 to Nov. 18, a time of turmoil in Britain when parliament delayed the country’s planned departure from the European Union and Prime Minister Boris Johnson called a snap election. … Britain’s ranking was its lowest in the survey’s 20-year history, and Britain also showed a big divide between the views of what the researchers called the ‘informed public’ - who were more trusting - and the ‘mass population’. Britain had ranked fifth from bottom in the trust rankings in the previous year’s survey, and fell past Ireland, Spain and Japan to the second-lowest spot in the research released on Monday, behind only Russia among the 28 countries surveyed.”

     The drainage of social capital in Britain, it is argued in a new book, so new it is still steaming, by Winston C. Banks, Excessive Immigration: And Britain’s Colourful Dystopian Sunset, (Arktos, 2019), is largely due to our old enemy, mass immigration. I have not read the book, and probably will not, as all of this misery is pretty common news now, and some Dissent Right site will do a good summary, maybe tomorrow, so I don’t have to buy it. Also, I don’t like Arktos all that much. I have my reasons, don’t ask.



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Wednesday, 21 October 2020
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