The Elites Plan to Go Underground When SHTF, and Maybe Some are There Now! By John Steele

     I recently received an email from a critic who said that I was a romantic who wanted people to grow their own food hippy style. He was easily able to demolish this straw man view, typing that, well, chaps, how are we going to run an economy and agricultural industry like that? Not efficient production, production, production. Then less consumption, consumption, consumption. Talk about old paradigm. With all due respect, I am a survivalist. In my humble opinion, civilisation is headed to collapse just as prophets like Spengler predicted, but so is Asian societies. The forces of destruction have been left unaddressed too long by the normies who think like that even if they follow alternative economics. Just look at Whites in South Africa to get a feel for what the future will be. We see evidence of the same breakdown to various degrees elsewhere. Surely if we are men we should face reality and confront this truth?

     Come on, a mere economic reform is not going to deal with this issue of social decay, because to get economic reform going at ground zero presupposes that one has a minimally functioning society. Article after article is screaming a warning about the storm that is coming, and I have tried to give readers some tips about dealing with the great chaos on a personal level. Hoping to radically transform the entire economy and society tomorrow is just not going to happen. We need to be idealists in the long term, but ruthless pragmatists in the short, otherwise by not being honest, we will be condemned when things do go to hell in a basket. Thus, a little independence by growing some food at home, or keeping bees etc. etc., is a wise thing to do. It is not an attempt to change the world. The first rule for anyone is to survive the day. Speaking of hell and baskets, what are our friends the elites up to? Have they given any indication that they may be preparing for the chaos about which I speak? In fact, many of the hyper-rich are more hard-core than even me:

     You can find many articles like this by a few moments of Googling. It should make anyone thinking, think some more.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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