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The Elite are Becoming Survivalists! by John Steele

The mega-rich of the world, such as Bill Gates, are preparing for social chaos, big time, according to a number of media reports:  As well, the mega-wealthy are moving out of the big cities, and tele-commute, or travel to work via helicopter, quickly in, and out.
News (, notes that the rich are scared of the world that they have created through globalisation, of increasing crime, terrorism, racial conflict and social breakdown. Some are even worried about Trump, but he should be the last of their worries.

Overall, they have made sound investments in bunkers. The only problem is, once one is down the rabbit hole it may be a little difficult to get out again when one’s supplies ultimately run out, if one’s exit has ten tons of cement dumped over it, or a truck parked over the lid. Hopefully they are not claustrophobic.

Home sweet home, may become a tomb. (“This is no mine. It’s a tomb.” Boromir, The Fellowship of the Ring, (2001))



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Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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