The Disintegration of Britain By Richard Miller

     One knows that a country is in the spiral down of collapse, when serious plans are placed to evacuate heads of State, while the rest of the country burns. France is burning at present, and the yellow vest protests look to continue well into this former nations dissolutionist future, and once merry old England is suffering the same fate, or about to:

“British officials have revived cold war emergency plans to relocate the royal family should there be riots in London if Britain suffers a disruptive departure from the European Union, two Sunday newspapers have reported.
“These emergency evacuation plans have been in existence since the cold war but have now been repurposed in the event of civil disorder following a no-deal Brexit,” the Sunday Times said, quoting an unnamed source from the government’s Cabinet Office, which handles sensitive administrative issues. The Mail on Sunday also said it had learnt of plans to move the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth, to safe locations away from London. In January an annual speech by the Queen, 92, to a women’s group was widely interpreted in Britain as a call for politicians to reach agreement over Brexit. Jacob Rees-Mogg, a Conservative MP and keen supporter of Brexit, told The Mail on Sunday he believed the plans showed unnecessary panic by officials over a no-deal Brexit as senior royals had remained in London during bombing in the second world war. But the Sunday Times said an ex-police officer formerly in charge of royal protection, Dai Davies, expected Queen Elizabeth would be moved out of London if there was unrest. “If there were problems in London, clearly you would remove the royal family away from those key sites,” Davies was quoted as saying.”

     During the present Queen’s reign – some would say, watch – London, like many British cities, has become majority non-White, with White British people constituting 40 percent of the population and rapidly falling. Britain itself will be majority non-White by 2060, or earlier. Consequently, there exists a large population who have no special reverence for a White Queen. Given present demographics, the traditional monarchy will almost certainly end before future King Charles’ reign ends, making him the last king of Britain. All thanks to immigration. Everybody say a big thanks to immigration, for how else could we have a colourful, diverse world? Imagine preserving “boring” institutions, such as the constitutional monarchy, English language, common law, and rule of law? And all the people had to do, was to do nothing, and hey presto, they are gone! 



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Wednesday, 28 October 2020
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