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The Disadvantages of Men By Mrs Vera West

     OK dear  feminists, I know that at morning tea, when you eat your cream cakes, you flick on the internet to see if I have written any further critiques of your weird worldview, and laugh at me the  “silly old so and so.” So, now that you are comfortable in your genre gender neutral arm chair, consider this challenge; that a case has been made that men are now the disadvantaged sex in the West:

“Scientists have invented a new way of measuring gender equality and claimed it shows men are more disadvantaged than women in most developed countries. Researchers from the University of Missouri and University of Essex in the United Kingdom said previous ways of measuring inequality are ‘biased to highlight women’s issues’. Their Basic Index of Gender Inequality (BIGI) instead measures three factors: educational opportunities, healthy life expectancy and overall life satisfaction. The academics calculated scores for 134 nations and used the results to suggest men are more disadvantaged than women in 91 nations.

They discovered that the most developed nations in the world came ‘closest to achieving gender equality, albeit with a slight advantage for women’. However, in the least developed countries, women fall behind men because they don’t have access to education. Using the index, Bahrain was named as the top nation for gender equality followed by the UK and the Netherlands. The US was ranked in position 34, with men falling behind in education as well as life expectancy and satisfaction. Most European countries with the exception of Italy were deemed to be better for women than men.”

     The fine print said that for most developed countries, there was near gender equality, with a “slight advantage for women.” That plays havoc with your paradigm, since you feminists rely upon eternal discrimination to justify the endless demands for affirmative action, special places for women and the like. Probably this will continue long after the last man has died and rotted in the dust.



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Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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