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The Death of Hollywood? Yiiipppeeee! By James Reed

     It may be too soon to hope, but a recent article says that not only is Hollywood out of ideas, but its profits are in free fall, even with the Chinese market, where the communists take 75 cents out of every dollar, which just rubs salt into a deep wound:

“The ideological conformity within Hollywood is not only destroying the greatness that comes from artistic tension, is not only shelving great stories, it is alienating and insulting half the customers.
Moreover, going to the movies today is not just an expensive risk when it comes to the quality of the product, but the theaters themselves are terrible at policing the talkers and texters who ruin the experience.
Going to the movies used to be a form of escape from the tyranny of everyday life. No more. Around 80% of movies disappoint, the rudeness of others aggravates, and the hyper-politicization of too much of the product and its pitchmen (the actors) drains your ability to remain spellbound.
Hollywood failed to listen to the canary in the coalmine that was the home video business. That pillar collapsed some ten years ago. Instead of looking inwards, instead of realizing that the quality of the product was such that no one wanted to experience it again at home, the studios blamed piracy, video games, and television.
Sorry, no.
The only problem is that your industry sucks and that it keeps getting suckier.”

     One of the good things about impending economic doomsday is that people will not have money to waste on the trash that Hollywood produces, struggling to find money for food, and maybe the occasional drink of alcohol to numb the pain of existence. Yet it would be worth even going back to the caves, to see Hollywood fall.



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Friday, 29 May 2020
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