The Covid Police in Action By Richard Miller (London)

The police across the world have shown their true colour during the Covid lockdowns and in dealing with protests. Compare the violence that they have dished out, to the soft treatment we saw in America, where police simply allowed antifa and BLM to commit crimes, because that supported the communist agenda. Compare it to this:

“A shocking video shows a woman being knocked down unconscious by a police horse as authorities brutally crushed a lockdown-violating gathering in Brussels, Belgium.

The incident occurred as revellers gathered at Bois de la Cambre park in response to an April Fools’ prank that was taken seriously.

A Facebook post announced that there would be a festival in the park on Thursday featuring “eight stages, a hundred DJs and zero coronavirus rules,” as well as a promise that the recently split dance group Daft Punk would reunite.

5,000 people fell for the prank and gathered in the park, turning it into a de facto anti-lockdown protest in violation of Belgian law, which bans gatherings of more than four people.

Police mounted on horses quickly arrived to brutally suppress the gathering, trampling people and blasting them with water cannons.

One horrific video shows a woman being bashed to the ground by a police horse and immediately falling unconscious.

The total disregard for the woman shown by the police officer who ploughed straight into her is evident in the clip.

Eight revellers were injured during the clashes and two had to be hospitalized, including the woman seen in the video. Her condition is unknown.

In any other circumstance, such as a feminist march, this video would be met with almost George Floyd-level condemnation by the media.

But because it happened during a de facto anti-lockdown protest, it will barely receive any backlash whatsoever.”

The Covid mania has been taken to its illogical conclusion in Spain, where masks must be worn when swimming in the sea, even though most masks are not waterproof!

“Spain has passed a new law forcing people to wear face masks everywhere outside and even while swimming in the sea.

Yes, really.

The legislation, which came into effect on Wednesday, mandates face coverings for children as young as six, with refusniks facing fines of €100 euros.

The only exemption to the rule is adults playing sports outside, but people tanning outside or swimming in a pool or the ocean are still required to cover up. 

“This will apply to people who are sunbathing or even swimming in the sea,” confirms the London Evening Standard.

The utter stupidity and real danger of having to wear a face mask while swimming in the sea goes without saying.

Having to wear a face covering while placing yourself in a situation where you have a heightened risk of encountering breathing difficulties is totally insane. 

Thankfully, there has been a huge backlash to the law, which has “spread dismay through Spain’s tourism industry,” according to the London Times.


“We are going through the kind of hell that threatens to wipe out thousands and thousands of jobs and businesses,” said José Luis Zoreda, vice-president of Exceltur, the main lobby group for Spanish tourism.

“And now they want to turn the beaches into open-air field hospitals,” he added.

One respondent on Twitter exemplified the sentiment of many potential holidaymakers – that they would simply avoid Spain altogether.

“If Spain requires masks on the beach after 17 May, I’ll cancel my holiday to Marbella and go to Cyprus or Florida where tourists’ money is welcome,” he said.

Officials in some areas have vowed not to enforce the mask law around swimming pools and on the beach and it is being ignored anyway by the vast majority of beachgoers if recent photographs are anything to go by.


Responding to the story, epidemiologist Prof Mark Woolhouse said there were zero examples of crowded beaches causing COVID outbreaks because there is “very little evidence of outdoor transmission” of the virus.

“There’s never been a Covid-19 outbreak linked to a beach ever anywhere in the world to the best of my knowledge,” said Woolhouse, who told a committee of MPs that visiting the beach would be one of the safest things to do.”

Covid at the sea side, what more does one need on a beach day?



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Monday, 19 April 2021
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