The Corporates and Same-Sex Marriage by Mrs Vera West

Many Australia’s biggest firms, most of which are multinationals anyway, are racing ahead with their support of same sex marriage, now embracing an “acceptance” ring for marriage “equality.”  The Australian, April 4, 2017, p. 1. This is the “Until We Belong” campaign. Hundreds of thousands of Australians are expected to wear the rings to influence the debate.

A debate? A headline of March 31, 2017, had: “Beware the barge of bullies trumpeting diversity,” The Weekend Australian, March 31, 2017, article documents the “barge of bullies,” from the same sex marriage side who have “press-ganged” the corporate world into supporting marriage equality, out of fear of damaged sales through social media campaigns.
There is a connection here with section 18 C as well, as noted in an article by Michael Sexton:

Sexton wrote:
“Most people in the bureaucracy, the business sector and the academic community are - quite sensibly - fearful of publicly questioning the conventional wisdom on issues such as levels of immigration, the extent of the terrorist threat, dealing with unauthorised boat arrivals, and sources of energy for power generation.

Naturally this class is also in favour of section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act as a protection against what it sees as the inherent racism of most Australians, and a bill of rights that would transfer decisions on many political issues from parliaments to judges, whom they consider better qualified.

The recent parliamentary committee report on 18C suggests many politicians are just as reluctant to speak out on these issues. Some members of the committee apparently favoured changes but were unwilling to be identified by name in the report.

It is true, of course, that some people have been prepared to speak out on these matters but they need to have a relatively secure position - and to be prepared for abuse in much of the media.  Opponents of 18C, for example, were described in a Sydney Morning Herald editorial as conducting a “campaign to weaken hate speech laws, largely to help media and political insiders to make more money from playing to the base instincts of Australians.”

This new class is slowly crushing opposition on the key issues facing Australia, such as immigration, multiculturalism and globalism. With the changing demographics, there is little time left before the point of no return is reached, if it has not been already.

As another example, pre-schools are abandoning gender-based toys in Victoria, which is in the lead on these gender agenda adventures: The Australian, April 6, 2017, p. 3.  Teachers will be pro-active, identifying and intervening in “gendered play,” identifying any materials producing gender stereotypes which support traditional gender roles, and will strive to eliminate traditional gender-specific language.  All this from a government plan to address family violence through preschools. The pretext here is that traditional values, not new class ones, produce violence.  That which is under attack is traditional masculinity, which the new class sees as a threat to their New World Order.

It is not just the Victorian government in on this – the Council of Australian Governments’ Stop it at the Start campaign, is launching war on language such as “boys will be boys,” and even, “it takes two to tango.” This apparently stereotypes the sexes and excuses disrespectful behaviour towards women.

The Australian, April 10, 2017, p. 1   Yes, $30 million is being spent to tackle this issue, all out of your hard earnt taxes.
Letters to the Editor, The Australian, April 7, 2017, under the heading “Traditional society is Under Attack on all Flanks,” are instructive. As one person wrote: “It seems clear that Australia’s traditional, family-based society is under a determined, radical and aggressive attack from all sides - by Islam, the far left and the gay lobby. Given the diversity of opinion between the three on the subject of homosexuality (the first one would execute you for it, the second thinks it’s worth encouraging, the third apparently wants to make it compulsory), they make strange bedfellows indeed.

But so all-consuming is their hatred of all things conservative, Christian or Australian, it permits them to put this aside as a minor inconvenience and join forces for a combined all-out assault. We are under threat like never before.  It’s time to man the ramparts.

An article by Paul Kelly (The Weekend Australian, April 15-16, 2017), argues that the Christian tradition in Australia faces erosion from a number of forces, one being the new progressive morality, based on diversity, identity politics and “human rights.”  There is thus a fundamental conflict of values between at least two great segments of society.

The core issue though, is that there is a full-blown attempt to eliminate Christian morality and at present the progressives are winning battle after battle.

The light shines brightest in the darkness.
The world is descending into chaos.  As it does there will be many opportunities for clear-headed individuals to take the lead.  As Christian social creditors we must ready ourselves intellectually, physically and spiritually to take that lead.
Every willing-person has the opportunity to rebuild “what was” in a better fashion, more resilient and permanent into “what could be”; to restore order and make the path straight for the future. It is our opportunity to improve “what was” and we must be full of faith and fearless in order to achieve these tasks set before us.
So, fight on, we must, however hopeless the odds appear.   
It is again a time of the Saints.
The ANZAC spirit lives on!!



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