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The Coming Collapse of New Zealand By Bruce Bennett

     As a kiwi migrant to Oz, I am still sad to see New Zealand, transferred into a socialist cesspool, being unable to even feed its people. Wearing head coverings will not solve this crisis:

“New Zealand's government is coming under increasing political pressure to raise welfare payments, echoing a similar debate in Australia. The surging cost of living has exposed inequalities in New Zealand at a time when the local economy is doing well. Growth rates are well above Australia's and the OECD average. The Kiwi economy is close to full employment, with unemployment rates at an 11-year low of 3.9 per cent. Yet more are being left behind, with surging numbers of people sleeping rough and applying for hardship grants. Figures from the Ministry of Social Development reveal the dark side of New Zealand's have-and-have-not society. This winter, 29,000 emergency housing grants were made - doubling last year's tally - at a cost of NZ$41 million ($38 million).”

     This report rattled on, but the core issue is that a half a million people are so poor that they cannot put food on the table. So, how can the economy be doing fine? Fine for whom: the economic globalists who always do find even in the heat of war, when whole societies are being fire-bombed? By contrast, the sole point of an economy, according to social credit, is to be able to provide goods and services to people; the economy exists to serve people, not the way it is now, people existing merely to serve as blood sacrifices to the global god of money, Plutus, who according to Dante’s divine Comedy, is a wolf-like demon of wealth.



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Friday, 29 May 2020
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