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The Comic Book Attack on Jesus By Chris Knight

     There is apparently a comic attacking Jesus, by portraying him as fighting with a sword, beheading people. Apparently, nothing about driving the money changers out of the temple with whip though. Anyway, I saw this story with a good summary, which makes a general moral about the decline of the West:

“Joe Casey and Benjamin Marra no doubt think of themselves as cool, edgy, and courageous, unafraid to incur charges of blasphemy from furious Christians. In fact, they’re banking on those charges: “Reports say the publisher is banking on blasphemy protests to propel sales.” This is part of the West’s cultural suicide. It’s cool, edgy and courageous to hate one’s own culture, history, and civilization, and to mock and defame its central figures. But Casey and Marra are unlikely to be as courageous when it comes to a religious figure who actually did behead his enemies. Muhammad, according to his first biographer Ibn Ishaq, beheaded between 600 and 900 men of the Jewish Qurayzah tribe after the Battle of the Trench. Will Casey and Marra publish a graphic novel about Muhammad? Not on your life. Not only would that not be courageous in the eyes of their peers, it would be “hateful” and “Islamophobic,” even if it contained accurate material drawn from Islamic sources.”

     They would not dare to do the same to Islam, and nor should they, for apart from all free speech issues, nothing upsets people more than slinging mud at their religion. I think the cartoons on the prophet were unsound and pointlessly inflammatory. What is needed is cool rational argument, and that should be totally free, not insults hiding behind the legs of art, or so-called art. As the above article indicates, this is all part of the cultural suicide of the West. Sad, but it is happening, and it is not just me saying it, as these articles of warning each day indicate.



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Saturday, 04 July 2020
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