The Changing Face of Belgium By Richard Miller

     The following are some predictions of how the demographics of Belgium, a typical mass migration European society, will turn out, and it is not good for traditional Europeans:

“The leader of Belgium’s “Islam” party said in a TV interview that Belgium will have a Muslim majority soon. Earlier we’ve reported on how his Islam party wants to introduce Sharia law and create an Islamic State in Belgium.
Redouane Ahrouch, who is the founder and leader of the party, attended a debate aired on Belgium’s national TV on Tuesday. In the VRT-programme “De Afspraak” he announced that his party will expand from Brussels to other big cities like Antwerp and Ghent. Ahrouch thinks Belgium’s changing population will increase his pro-sharia party’s chances: “Within 12 years, Belgium will have a Muslim majority”. He adds that then there will be two groups that can lead the country: “Extremists or democrats like us”.

During the TV debate, the leader of the Islam party refused to make eye contact with State Secretary of Equal Opportunities Zuhal Demir, because she is a woman. Ahrouch earlier said, that he wants to separate men and women on public transport to prevent sexual assaults. 15 years ago, Ahrouch was sentenced for threatening and injuring his wife. It made her unfit to work.”

     As “good men” in Belgium did nothing, they certainly have a vibrant future to look forward to, as will, by analogy, the rest of the West:



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Thursday, 29 October 2020
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