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The Broken Universities By James Reed

     Well , some are now saying what I have been saying for years about the failure of the universities:

     In an article entitled, “Slutty Sheep: Veteran Academics Warn College Students are going off the Rails,” it is said:

“Today’s college students are “situationally confused.” They have no room in their schedules for “intellectual curiosity.” And their sexual promiscuity is practically the only part of their lives that their colleges refuse to police.
Two veteran academics who have diagnosed different plagues in modern higher education have little optimism for young people entering college for the foreseeable future, judging by their presentations to a conference this past weekend at Franciscan University of Steubenville, a conservative Catholic institution.

College students have no passions today and “aren’t trained to pay attention to the things they feel connected to,” former Yale English professor William Deresiewicz told the gathering on the “crisis” in American higher education at the Veritas Center for Public Ethics. In fact, higher education has become “profoundly unintellectual” and student life has become about “accumulating gold stars,” said Deresiewicz, who publicly disavowed Ivy League education several years after leaving Yale. The author of Excellent Sheep, which fleshes out his views on the failure of elite education, told the Franciscan crowd that most students nowadays think that being intellectual simply means getting good grades”

     For interest the text referred to is, William Deresiewicz, Excellent Sheep: The Miseducation of the American Elite and the Way to a Meaningful Life, (Free Press, 2015). There are many such books blaming the young generation for their “narcissism,” and numerous faults, all true  of course. But, the real villains in my opinion is my generation of  Boomers, who put the entire politically correct structures in place that have led to all of this. The younger generations are being deprived of their rightful lifeblood, while the Boomers continue to suck everything dry. A curse upon you, Boomers!

     I was at a university in Melbourne where there was a protest sign about a march on university cut backs, and I stood studying it intently. Although I support the elimination of the university, the Lib strategy is to starve the universities of funds so they take in ever-growing numbers of Asian students, who then become citizens, creating Australia’s new professional class. A young Anglo male student came up to me and said that it was not fair that the politicians had got through university without paying fees, while his generation had to. I agreed and said that Turnbull, Abbott and Gillard et al., should now pay for their education, with interest added. It was not the answer he expected, but he was not hostile. My message is slowly getting out there.



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Sunday, 12 July 2020
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