The BioHistory of the Decline and Fall of the West By Brian Simpson

     In my big bag of books and material that I lug to the community library to work on articles, I have a copy of Jim Penman’s The Hungary Ape: Biology and the Fall of Civilisations  (The Author, 1992). Although Jim has a PhD in history, he is well know for his very successful businesses such as Jim’s Mowing and a multitude of other Jim’s businesses.

     The 1992 book, produced outside of the academy showed a fine critical mind at work. He predicted a complete collapse of Western civilisation and its culture, such as science and technology, and a swamping of the West by the Third World. The decline was due to a kind of decline in biochemical vigour, and by personality and attitude characteristics, such as oral restraint, which are distinguishing features  of high level cultures. The collapse of restraint will lead to the collapse of the West.

     In his latest book, Biohistory: Decline and Fall of the West:
the earlier book is taken much further, this time incorporating epigenetics into his analysis. Epigenetics studies how the environment interacts with genetics, switching genes on and off, and thus having an impact upon heredity. In this book Jim argues that the changes in temperament, left largely unexplained in his previous treatise, are accounted for by epigenetics. Our fate thus seems to be set by our biology.

     And, what a fate awaits the West! Penman predicts that through the loss of vigour in the West, seen in the decline of manhood, and crashing birth-rates, the replacement of the West by Islam within a century. But, here he is surely optimistic since that process of ethno-cultural replacement is well underway, with the replacement of the German population by an Islamic one:
with young migrant men having what one psychiatrist called a “crazy potential for aggression”:
and likewise for Sweden:

     In America, chain migration from illegal migrants threatens to end the common language of the country, English, and then, America as we know it:
    This is a civilisation committing suicide, in a wrist-slashing, skin-tearing frenzy; for what and for who?

     Penman’s book is a help in understanding how we got into this mess, but he is grim about the future of the West. In fact, the fall of the West is likely to pull Asia down with it, which is plausible enough given globalisation, so a Dark Age lies before us. Naturally, he sees a restoration after that, but that may well be whistling in the dark. If the lights go out this time, from the greatest crash in history, the impact of hitting the cold hard cement of reality may be so devastating that this time, no-one gets up swinging. Humanity may be down for the count. Even if an elite did rise up from the rubble, the degraded masses would rise up and destroy them, as Gerhard Meisenberg argues in his book, God’s Image:

     If you want anything to survive, the battle for the future is being decided, now.

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