The Biggest Traitor of All was Trump Himself! By Charles Taylor

All the chaos has occurred due to the narcissism, hubris and betrayal of Trump to white America. As usual, Ann Coulter calls it right.

“For all that, Trump had it all! He won the presidency by running on wildly popular issues that no other candidate would touch. He had devoted followers. For the first two years of his presidency, he had a Republican House and Senate.

     Oh grief that Earth’s best hopes rest all with Thee!

Trump could have been a massively popular president and won reelection comfortably, if only he’d kept faith with his voters. Even people who abhorred him would have had to say, I thought he was a coarse vulgarian, but he was right about China ripping us off, he was right about the border, and he was right about standing up to crazy woke culture.

The 2020 election should have been like Ronald Reagan’s 1984 reelection (49-state landslide). Like Trump, Reagan ran on popular issues left on the ground by other candidates—primarily his vow to destroy the Soviet Union and reignite the economy by slashing government.

But—and here’s the big difference—Reagan kept his promises.

Not Trump! Instead—in the greatest bait-and-switch in American history — he promptly turned his presidency over to nimrods Jared and Ivanka, while he watched TV and tweeted. Suddenly, the populist hero was replaced with two idiots, who were all about being friends with the Kardashians and sucking up to Goldman Sachs.

Why don’t we have a wall? Why didn’t Trump impose a tax on remittances to make Mexico pay for it? Why are American workers still training their cheap labor replacements?

Answer: Stephen Miller, Trump’s crucial immigration aide during the 2016 campaign, survived his first year in the White House only by convincing Ivanka he was working on “Women’s Issues.” He spent his remaining three years with his nose up Jared’s butt.

We knew about the hucksterism. There was no warning about the kids.

The Republican Party’s only hope is to become a populist party, but without a shallow, narcissistic ignoramus as its head.

What is the point of being slavishly loyal to a person who is loyal to no one (except his numbskull kids)? Trump has sold out everyone who was ever faithful to him—Jeff Sessions, Kris Kobach, Chris Christie, Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, the Proud Boys, Corey Lewandowski, Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, and, of course, his own voters.

Half of the betrayed are still desperately seeking Trump’s favor by signing onto the futile “Stop the Steal” effort. Not good enough for the administration! But good enough to humiliate themselves in Trump’s final days in office. At the first Stop the Steal rally in Washington, Trump didn’t even show up. He went golfing.

Give up the cult of personality, Trumpsters, or at least find someone with a better personality.”

Trump could not even make the move to get his own internet site up, using Twitter. At the moment, Trump’s tweets are being censored with the statesmen added: “This claim of election fraud is disputed, and this Tweet can’t be replied to, Retweeted, or liked due to risk of violence.” Oh, but there was never this qualification when antifa was burning down America, cheered on by Democrats! Big Tech, like the rest of this society, is rotten to the core. Wait, the news has just come through that big Tech has banned Trump!

On the positive side, although that is hard to find, Trump was hated by the insane Leftists, who would do the same for any opposition, but Trump’s narcissism got up their nose like no other person. Thus, we are led to the position that we would have been in even if Trump had won, since the demographic changes due to mass immigration will produce a non-white minority in perhaps ten years, maybe less under Biden. So, now is as good a time as any for a last stand. But what we find is low T Trump telling protesters to go home.

Even Trump’s son is just as deluded, not seeing that the Left and the Deep State have no respect for the rule of law, only their rule. It is exactly this weakness that has destroyed the West; would the ancients have bent over and taken this?


The Democrats are now beginning to destroy America and make it into a communist totalitarian state. There will never be another Republican president, as election fraud goes mainstream. And, all of the traitors want, we the people, to just go home? Oh, or like the case of the slain Trump supporter, Ashley Babbitt, they will silence any opposition.  

Hopefully the deplorables have more guts than Trump. There needs to be a new leader for the deplorables. Even Alex Jones, or Mike Adams would be better.





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Tuesday, 09 August 2022