The Barbecue is Sexist! Throw Another Libtard on the Barbie! By Mrs Vera West

     No, no, I don’t mean this literally, like the Left would, only as a literary metaphor,   I just want to work in the Paul Hogan BBQ  theme:

     The point being made here is that men get together over the BBQing of meat, and that is sexist because anything that men do that feminists don’t like is sexist. Well, the best refutation of this is for men everywhere to get out and have lots of men-dominated BBQs, eating mountains of red meat, entire steers in fact. I will forget about health issues just to see this. Then, maybe men can regain some manhood and fight back against al the nonsense that we write about to warn people, daily.



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Thursday, 13 August 2020
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