The Banning of the Majestic Macron By Richard Miller

     French president Macron posing with well-dressed highly intelligent intellectuals, rocket scientists to be, but getting banned? Can we sort out this sorry story?

“The much-hyped photo of French President Emmanuel Macron posing with two bare-chested young men during his September trip to the island of Saint Martin is back in the spotlight. Social media users have revealed that the infamous picture of President Emmanuel Macron happily smiling next to a reported drug dealer and a middle finger-giving resident of Saint Martin is being censored on Facebook for violating the network’s rules against ‘nudity and sexual activity’. TWEET: ‘Imagine this: my post from 30 September with this photograph of #Macron was censored by #Facebook. My comment was: "Funny way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Fifth Republic". Reason: nudity! These people are crazy”.

     Oh silly me; the rocket scientists-to-be, are half naked! One is reported to be a drug dealer, but the man needs a break, for doing research, or even preparing for it in the distant future, often requires that a person take whatever work he can get to establish a base – just ask Centrelink, that wondrous organisation eager to help all in need, for they would know. And, as it is hot, the last thing one needs to impede thought, is clothes.

“President Emmanuel Macron has come under fire for posing for a photograph with a two young men during his visit to the Caribbean last week - one of whom made a rude gesture, and the other who is a convicted robber. The photo sparked social media outrage, with far-right leader Marine Le Pen calling it 'unforgivable', while more mainstream critics settling for 'embarrassing'. President Macron however remained defiant, stating that he loved 'every child of the Republic, whatever stupidities they commit'. The incident took place just a few months after he chastised a French teenager for greeting him as 'Manu' - a common nickname for Emmanuel - instead of 'Sir' or 'Mr President'. The photo, taken on Saturday, shows Macron smiling widely, while the topless man on the left is showing his middle finger to the camera. The man on the right, seen wearing a bandana, had told Macron that he had recently been released from prison after serving time for robbery.”

     The world is fortunate to have such open-minded globalists, leading us towards the promised land. And, I ask you, if the young rocket scientists-to-be had no clothes on at all, including pants,  being so poor that they could not afford them, would it really matter? Surely discovering the nature of the universe is more important! 



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Friday, 05 March 2021
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