The Austin Texas Shooting and the Lies of the MSM By Chris Knight

     The main stream media are dangerous distorters and liars, now openly falsely reporting events that did not occur. Thus, in the recent Austin Texas shooting, we have a narrative that the normal person dangerously drove his (her?) car, then he/she shot someone, then and only then did antifa, peaceful folk out strolling with AK 47s, opened fire, as the motorist sped off. Here is the truth, and there is a video to prove it:

“Over the weekend, a left-wing rioter in Austin, Texas was carrying an AK-47 when, for reasons still unknown, he decided to fire five rounds into a passenger vehicle in the middle of a busy downtown street. All five rounds missed the driver, once again demonstrating that Leftists have no rifle skills, even during close range engagements. The driver of the vehicle promptly returned fire and killed the assailant with three rounds from a handgun. Amazingly, no one else appears to have been injured in the exchange of gunfire. (AK-47 rounds, in particular, have a real problem with overpenetration…) You can hear the exchange of gunfire in the following video, taken Saturday night in Austin. First, you’ll hear the five rounds of AK-47 rifle fire, followed by a roughly six-second pause, followed by three handgun rounds from the vehicle driver. Note that all across America, violent left-wing terrorists are now assaulting vehicles, often targeting vehicles driven by White people.”

     The video is at the Natural News site. It clearly shows the lies the mainstream media make. Indeed, there are numerous examples of their reports of peaceful protests, immediately references by burnings, bashings, and use of explosives. It goes well beyond George Orwell’s 1984, in the level of sheer bs pushed.

     Why we even have senile old Joe Biden getting down and quoting a jihad hadith against America, but nothing from the mainstream media.

     Meanwhile places like Chicago have become slaughterhouses, but the authorities only want to stop Trump, so utterly deranged they have become:

“The Chicago Sun-Times reported nearly 60 shot with three fatalities. Chicago Mayor On Federal Troops: ‘We Can’t Just Allow Anyone To Come Into Chicago, Play Police In Our Streets’ “…if they cross that line, we will not hesitate to use every tool at our disposal to stop troops and unwanted agents in our city. Close to 400 people have been shot to death in Chicago this year. The majority of the victims of homicide in Chicago are young, black men. Black lives don’t matter when it’s not politically expedient for the Democrats – even a Black Mayor. Far more deaths than COVID this weekend and yet the city/state continues its lockdown and shutdown of humanity while ignoring, scoffing even, at the murder rate.”

     This is the very exemplar of anarcho-tyranny.



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Saturday, 12 June 2021
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