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That’s a Terribly Racist Thing to Notice! By Bruce Bennett

     I did not notice this at all until reading the below article, now I really do notice it, all the time, in fact. Does that make me a racist? Sure, deplorables like me are racist by definition, even 1,000 years after extinction. Where do I get help, Clockwork Orange style for this? Pretty please!

“Some people truly have no filter on social media. James Kottak of Kingdom Come and formerly of the Scorpions has gone off in a tweet about the amount of interracial couples in commercials, insinuating that it "is not reality." "You know I am sick of every other commercial having interracial couples...this is not reality. It is Hollywood shoving it down our throat. I don’t have one friend or friends who live in this category...just saying," Kottak said in a tweet, followed by a bunch of animal and American flag emojis. The drummer has gone off on several other controversial tangents in the past on Twitter as well, especially regarding climate change — "For those of us who lived through it, we were told an ice age was coming in 1978/79. Who froze? I am all about ‘reduce reuse recycle repurpose’ the rest is political b.s...same now . I recycle every piece of paper, containers, and have done since I was 9 years old...I encourage." Kottak was the drummer for the German group Scorpions from 1996 until he was let go in 2016 due to his reluctance to get sober. Two years prior, he was sentenced to jail in Dubai for drunkenness, derogatory comments toward Islam and public exposure.”

     Kottak will just have to have Clockwork Orange therapy with me I am afraid, him first:

     Maybe all racist types need time in China’s sweatshops, sorry, recreational parks?

“China on Thursday rejected accusations of human rights violations from the United States and other countries, insisting that the Muslims of Xinjiang province have emerged from their re-education camps as happy and productive citizens eager to work in Chinese factories. “The United States and a few other countries, in their old habits, have made attempts to use human rights to interfere in China’s internal affairs, which China totally rejects,” Chinese representative Zhang Jun told a meeting of the U.N. Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee. Zhang denounced criticism of China’s actions against the Uyghur Muslims of Xinjiang and its behavior in Hong Kong as “wrongful acts of interfering in China’s internal affairs with the excuse of human rights and provoking confrontation at the United Nations.” “There are someone from some countries who like criticizing developing countries and giving orders on human rights. China urges these countries to abandon hegemonism and power politics, stop all the wrong deeds that go against the trend of history,” he fumed. “Some countries create troubles everywhere, plot color revolutions, seriously violate human rights of people of relevant countries, and show no remorse for the terrible human rights record of their own,” Zhang said, repeating the same Chinese propaganda infamously parroted by certain American basketball players during their recent trip to China. “Color revolutions” are a relatively recent addition to Beijing’s talking points. The Chinese use the term to describe regime-change insurrections fomented by hostile outside powers. They frequently describe the Hong Kong protest movement as a nascent “color revolution” covertly founded and encouraged by the United States.”

     I so happen to believe every word of this.



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Sunday, 05 July 2020
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