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     In a number of emails to Australian activists Wallace Klinck wrote:

What nonsense and mischievous use of words to manipulate human minds and emotions!  Transgender?  No such thing—a pure fabrication.  Homophobic?  Another linguistic construct.  Any one who is not “phobic” in front of a lava flow, or during an earthquake, or a deadly plague, or a violent riot, or while facing the barrel of a gun is not likely to be long for this world.  If it can be shown that homosexuality has adverse consequences then any minimally intelligent individual would surely be “phobic” of it to the extent warranted—which is anything but inconsequential.

We are, I think, being subject to a colossal psychological and social experiment conducted by egotistical and ruthless people who have insinuated themselves into places of power and influence—with innocent and malleable young minds being their primary targets for ideological indoctrination.  People who are obsessed with the “Will-to-Power” derive their greatest sense of perverse satisfaction by controlling the minds of others, the psychological weapon being more efficient and effective in any case than mere crude physical means which are reserved without mercy for the more recalcitrant victims.

Your vote must be posted by 30th Oct., so ABS receives it by Nov 7, 2017. 
5,000,000 Australians still have not posted back their Marriage Ballot Papers.
Research undertaken by the Coalition for Marriage shows that 2/3 of those who are disinclined to vote, would vote NO if they did vote!
Please forward this email to your friends,  to encouraging those who have not yet voted, to fill in the survey form and vote NO, for the sake of our nation.
WATCH THE 30 sec VIDEOS IN THIS EMAIL- highlighting some of the serious consequences for our freedoms  in Australia.
Once same sex marriage is legalised, transgender sex education - teaching children that their gender is fluid - that they can choose whether they want to be a boy or a girl  - will become compulsory in all schools.   Please help spare our nation from such an outcome.

· Are you part of the 30% of people who still haven’t voted!! Your vote is important - we need every NO VOTE in order to win this battle!!
· We have only 2 weeks left, MAKE THIS YOUR PRIORITY.  Vote today and  encourage your contacts to inform their family, friends and neighbours to vote NO!
We are the majority, we can win!
Save our children and our Nation!

​• Say ‘NO’ from an Aussie Mum:
    Click the video link (30 secs): Say ‘NO’ from an Aussie Mum

• Canada: Ontario Bill 89: (Passed on June 1st, 2017)
   Allows the government to take kids away from parents
   if they don’t support transgender teaching.
   Click the link (3 min 09 secs): “Consequences of Bill 89”                        
Your vote must be posted by 30th Oct., so ABS receives it by Nov 7, 2017.
If you have lost or spoiled your ballot paper, Ring ABS 1800 572 113 <tel:1800%20572%20113> .
OR go to ABS website to request replacement  before 20th October.



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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