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Terrorist Migration By Richard Miller (London)

     Todd Bensmamn published a backgrounder monograph, What Terrorist Migration Over European Borders Can Teach About American Border Security in November 2019. The key findings are relevant not only to the United States, but for all countries in the West, struggling to survive the black magic of migration. The key points are summarised:

“At least 104 Islamist extremists entered the European Union’s (EU) external borders using long-haul irregular migration methods between 2014-2018, establishing proof-of-concept for a previously theoretical terrorism travel tactic over borders. • Of the 104 migrant terrorists identified for the 2014-2018 period, 28 successfully completed attacks that claimed the lives of 170 victims and wounded 878. An additional 37 were arrested or killed plotting attacks, and 39 others were arrested for illegal involvement with foreign terrorist organizations. • A majority of the 104 terrorists applied for international protections such as asylum and were able to remain in European nations for an average of 11 months before attacks or arrests for plots, demonstrating that asylum processes accommodated plot incubation. • While total numbers of migrant-terrorists were a fraction of overall irregular migration, their activities demonstrate that small numbers present outsized threats to the United States should only a few strike here. In Europe, a relative few upended longstanding political power balances, prompted a major military campaign, forced massive public expenditures on new security policies, prompted the UK vote to exit the European Union, and disrupted the free movement of people within the Schengen zone. • American security and counter-terrorism intelligence measures likely have prevented some migrant-terrorists from conducting attacks and may partly explain the absence of attacks to date from over the U.S. southern border. However, an elevated threat of terrorist infiltration via the border persists due to neglect and exploitable flaws in the American measures.”

     In conclusion, there is a clear and present threat of terrorism from open borders style unregulated migration, such as Europe has been subjected to:

“The authors of the 2018 White House Counterterrorism Strategy may not have had the benefit of a better scope of terrorist border infiltration in Europe in 2018, but this developing picture of what happened demonstrates they were prescient in noting that something new and significant had happened with potential implications for U.S. border security. Longer distances, higher costs, and American security and counterterrorism intelligence capabilities likely have deterred some migrant-terrorists from risking the journey and, along with apprehensions of terror suspects, may partly explain the absence of attacks to date. However, expense, distance, and the chances of discovery would not likely dissuade determined terrorists well aware that their co-religionists have succeeded in Europe. Terrorist infiltrators never entered into an intelligence database, or ideologues prone to be influenced by extremist online incitement, are likely to defeat the limited American security cordons, too. ISIS, the group most often responsible for sending suicide bombers into Europe posing as migrating refugees, retained vast cash resources well after its military defeat in Iraq and Syria, and therefore the capability to pay higher smuggling fees.134 Well aware of its infiltration feats in Europe, ISIS reportedly had plans to repeat them at the American border in 2016, when its leadership sought to arrange the smuggling of a team of Trinidadian foreign fighters from Syria over the U.S. border.135 The largely undisturbed smuggling networks that would carry determined, resourced foes along with 3,000 to 4,000 SIAs each year therefore must still be regarded as a heightened threat, so long as terrorists are aware of the option and so long as U.S. efforts remain uncoordinated, under-resourced, and neglected.136 The arrival of even small numbers of terror suspects at or en route to the American border reinforces what was learned in Europe: that only a relative few successes will have outsized impacts throughout American society.”

     This is another theoretical nail in the coffin of mass migration, but the elites do not care if civilisation is destroyed, because as world weary nihilists, that is their agenda. World domination has become boring, and instead, throwing everything under the crushing wheel of death of Kali Ma, is flavour of the month.



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Friday, 29 May 2020
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