Teething Problems for Australia Becoming Part of Communist China By James Reed

     Does Peter Dutton, despite good intensions, ever go to the CBD of Sydney and examine the demographics, and look at the immigration statistics and make the projections?

“The Chinese embassy has denounced Peter Dutton for suggesting the policies of the Communist Party of China are “inconsistent” with Australian values, warning his “malicious slur” has severely damaged the “mutual trust” between Beijing and Canberra. After the Home Affairs Minister argued the Chinese political system did not support freedom of speech, expression or thought, the embassy issued a statement on Friday night saying: “We categorically reject Mr Dutton’s irrational accusations against China, which are shocking and baseless. We strongly condemn his malicious slur on the Communist Party of China, which constitutes an outright provocation to the Chinese people. Such ridiculous rhetoric severely harms the mutual trust between China and Australia and betrays the common interests of the two peoples.” Mr Dutton and Immigration Minister David Coleman had earlier declared that the policies of the Communist Party were “inconsistent” with Australian values and warned of “considerable attacks on our systems”. Mr Dutton said hacking of Australian systems by state and non-state actors was a “threat” and he also pushed back against foreign influence on university campuses. The Home Affairs Minister, who said the government had no issue with Chinese people or the “amazing Chinese diaspora community”, said “we won’t allow theft of intellectual property and we won’t allow our government bodies or our non-government bodies to be hacked into”.

“My issue is with the Communist Party of China and their policies to the extent that they’re inconsistent with our own values,” he said. “In a democracy like ours, we encourage freedom of speech, freedom of expression, thought. “And if that is being impinged, if people are operating outside of the law, then whether they’re from China or from any other country, we are right to call that out.” The statement from the embassy exposes the fragility in the relationship, given Australian concerns over foreign interference, Chinese militarisation of the South China Sea and the treatment of Uighurs in China’s Xinjiang Province. New questions have also risen over how to best manage the relationship between China and Washington, given the development of a close personal relationship between Scott Morrison and Donald Trump. Mr Coleman said while Australia worked closely with China, particularly on economic matters, “as a nation we obviously have our own democratic values and we won’t always agree on different matters”. “We will always stand up for Australia’s interests and we will always put Australia first and will work collaboratively with our many partners around the world, including China,” the Immigration Minister said. Mr Dutton said former ASIO director-general Duncan Lewis had outlined an “unprecedented level of foreign interference” in Australia, and his successor, Mike Burgess, a former head of the Australian Signals Directorate, would continue efforts to combat external threats. “The fact is that we have considerable attacks on our systems both by state and non-state actors,” he said. He also said the government wanted university campuses to be free from influence and “liberal in their thought”.

     Well, he has no chance of the universities being free, because most are so dependent upon Chinese students that nothing critical of China will be voiced there. There is plenty on this that I have previously written. This failure is one of the reasons why I believe that the entire university system needs to be scrapped and re-worked, especially in the age of the internet.

     Further, with mass Chinese immigration, especially with massive numbers of Chinese in the professions, there is not much that can be done now to preserve traditional liberal-democratic values as the population becomes majority Chinese, and more in line with the mother country, and why not? Good for them. The slide towards China begins with shifting demographics. And, perhaps it is for the best that decadent Australia ceases to exist when we reflect upon all of the pc nonsense which preoccupies our elites, and the apathy and passivity of our deplorables. For example, forget about the proposed pc constitutional reform, when the entire country will cease to exist as we now view it this century. It is just natural selection, sadly, and on the current trajectory, we lose.
Prove me wrong.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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