Taking Spying to a Whole New Level By James Reed

     The universities are now worse than China under Mao, regarding political correctness and surveillance. Here is what one Black “queer” student has proposed at Yale University:

“[She] recently penned an op-ed calling on all Yale students to spy on their straight, white male classmates in order to collect any “evidence” that might destroy their careers later on in life. Isis Davis-Marks, … held nothing back in expressing her bigoted hatred towards all white males, whom she admittedly and broadly regards as liars and sexual predators. Isis further compared all white males to the Honorable Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whom she personally believes is guilty of past improprieties against women based solely on the unsubstantiated hearsay of Christine Blasey-Ford.

“When I’m watching the white boy – who is now a white man by this point – on CNN, I’ll remember a racist remark that he said, an unintentional utterance that he made when he had one drink too many at a frat party during sophomore year,” Isis wrote, fantasizing about how she plans to destroy white boys’ lives by dredging up anything she can to tarnish their reputations – if only she remembers to capture that incriminating evidence now. “I’ll recall a message that he accidentally left open on a computer when he forgot to log out of iMessage, where he likened a woman’s body to a particularly large animal. I’ll kick myself for forgetting to screenshot the evidence.”

Isis’ column goes on to denigrate white boys using offensive and derogatory language that, were it to be inverted coming from a white boy against queer, black girls like Isis, would have quickly become a national controversy about “racism” resulting in expulsions and other career-ending punishments. But because a black girl wrote this screed against white boys, nobody except for the independent media and commenters even batted an eye. Imagine if statements like, “I’m watching you, white boy” – which is how Isis concluded her racist column – were flipped around, with a white male columnist writing, “I’m watching you, black girl,” instead. Can you imagine the outrage?”

     Of course, for the universities are nothing more than institutions of White hatred; it is part of the world view of the Arts/farts disciplines. Lectures on white privilege, given by privileged whites will soon be occurring across Australia in Arts/humanities/Social Sciences departments, and all of this bs is funded by tax payers. It is long overdue: shut the universities down!



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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