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Sydney and White Flight; Soon White Fright By James Reed

     If readers are weary of  the style of reporting by some of us, which looks at overseas events, and draws links to Australia, which is still a bit behind the curve of destruction, then consider Andrew Bolt’s take on white flight in Sydney, a place which is set to resemble many of the cities in Europe and the US. It is just a matter of time, because the same immigration and multicult policies are in place in all of these places:

     As one person on the blog comments: “The saddest part is soon we will have no-where left to go.  Our leaders have literally handed our country over to foreigners, and an apathetic and nihilistic public has allowed it to happen.  My grandchildren will be born a minority in their own country.  Well done Australia.”



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Wednesday, 08 July 2020
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