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Sweden Tragicomedy: Gangs and Cops Eat Pizza Together in Perfect Harmony By Richard Miller

     If the theme this week here is the madness of modernity, then here is my contribution, which shows that the diversity cult has moved well into clown world:

“Swedish authorities in Malmö, where violent crime and grenade attacks continue to soar, responded by inviting local gang leaders for a friendly chat over some pizza. Yes, really. Explosions in Malmö, which is home to several no go zone migrant ghettos, are becoming commonplace, with the city suffering three blasts in the space of just 24 hours earlier this month. An alarming 29 per cent of residents in Malmö say they have been victims of crimes against an individual. According to Wilhelm Agrell, professor of intelligence analysis at Lund University, the situation is so dire that it threatens the power monopoly of the Swedish state. The vast majority of the unrest is driven by rival drug gangs made up of second and third generation immigrants. Instead of taking bold measures to fight the gangs, Malmö police invited 12 gang leaders, 9 of whom turned up, to have a friendly chat over some pizza. The gang leaders were told that they were “most at risk of being injured or killed,” a sympathetic message which suggested police cared more about their welfare than that of their victims. Malmö Chief of Police Stefan Sentéus later said he “really appreciated” the gang leaders attending the meeting. The whole farce was dubbed “Operation Snowflake,” with critics asking why the gang leaders weren’t arrested. “First, they abuse and rob us, and then we taxpayers pay for their damn pizza!” commented one respondent. Back in 2017, the media attempted to ridicule me for pointing out Sweden’s massive problems with violent crime and integration in no go zone migrant areas. Not so funny now is it?”

     Of course, it is funny, in a tragicomedy kind of way. Sweden simply wants to die and will do anything to speed up the process of social dislocation, their only hope being that the world will see them as morally superior. But, they are simply a bunch of fools, who will be forgotten. Just watch these to see what other nations think of them, even moderately politically correct ones:



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Thursday, 02 July 2020
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