Sweden the Mad; Sweden the Sad By Peter Ewer

     No matter how crazy other articles will appear at this site, the one dealing with Sweden usually takes the cake, although the one about the Japanese using radioactive dirt in roads is a strong contender. But, here I put my case:

“Sweden’s Minister of Social Affairs, Annika Strandhäll, told newspaper Aftonbladet that the country’s elderly and not refugees, are overloading the healthcare system. The Swedish health care system is so overloaded that the care queues for surgery are so long that patients literally start to rot, Aftonbladet reported earlier. Strandhäl is convinced this is not due to mass migration to Sweden. When readers of Aftonbladet claim that it is the acceptance of refugees that has made Swedish healthcare worse, the minister answers: “That’s not true, that’s not true! We have a rapidly aging population in Sweden. Life expectancy increases by 3.5 hours a day and we have a larger number of chroniclers with life-long relationships with healthcare today than 30 years ago.” According to Strandhäll, “the number of people aged 70 years and older will increase by 300,000 by 2025. That is the big problem, according to her. Refugee reception has nothing to do with it”.

     Even if this was true, the migrants are the logs that break the healthcare system’s back, leading to the aged “rotting.” There is only a limited amount of healthcare goodies in the pot and if it is given away to the Other, then the aged will suffer. No doubt, the cucked, deracinated socialist Swedish mind will be happy to do this. But, just wait until there is no healthcare system for this generation of socialist Baby boomers to leach off of, and they too must rot. Indeed, maybe even a country so far down the road of dissolution as socialist Sweden, is staring to awake:



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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