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Sweden Sinks Ever-Deeper into the Mud By Richard Miller

     Sweden is my bet to be the first Western country to collapse. If California was a country, I would still bet on Sweden. It is as if they must pay the price of oblivion for their Nordic racial complexion, which must be eliminated from the human gene pool, but which is a social construct anyway, so what does it matter? Apart from the ethno-racial aspect, the collapse of Sweden will mean less profits for the capitalists, so there is some interest in not letting Sweden completely burn to the ground, until demographic replacement is complete. Sweden has been regarded by some academics as a bigger security threat to Europe than Russia:

“The chief of Sweden’s National Border Police has sounded the alarm on the ability of his force to do its job — even to the low standard required by the European Union under its Schengen zone open borders agreement.
Former Europol top cop and Swedish police superintendent Patrik Engström [pictured above, left] made the warning when he said the Border Police that he commands did not have enough resources to adequately patrol the 102 border crossings and ports nationwide. A Swedish newspaper has claimed the nation is short of 500 border officers to do the job adequately, but Engström declined to discuss specific numbers, Sweden Radio reports. Engström said: “…the border police’s mission is not resourced to meet Schengen’s requirements for border control… It is a work that is carried out in all seven regions of the police. What is needed, without entering the exact number, is more staff to be able to carry out the external border control that the EU requires. It is about being able to conduct control at both large and small border crossing points.”

     Apparently with some severe lung diseases, the body acts to close off the lung and prevent further contamination of the body. Europe may need to do that to Sweden; take in as many refugees from open borders as possible, or Trump who wants migrants could do this, then seal off the country with massive protective walls, and just let this socialist madhouse become a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Perhaps something might be learnt from this failed experiment in globalism, but I doubt it.



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Wednesday, 27 May 2020
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