Sweden’s Self Loathing Knows No Bounds By Michael Ferguson

     For decadence, decay, degeneracy and cuckiness, Sweden is “queen.” Consider that the chattering class took the time to proclaim that Swedish meatballs are not a native Swedish dish, but actually Turkish, so … well accept your ethno-racial displacement because you are nothing, nothing, nothing! You do not even exist, only migrants do, and we, your Dark Lords, are the only realities. So, die! But, do it with a smile on your face, and making us a few kronas as you sink into oblivion.

     This claim was easily shown to be false news, but that did not stop the white genocide mainstream media from publishing the claim as fact:

     “What must it feel to really loathe yourself? To hate yourself down to the very marrow in your bones? What’s it like to be Sweden?” I would qualify that to say that this is what it is like to be in any country in the West today, where the official policy is national suicide. I hope to see an end to this, one way or other before I expire.



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Saturday, 28 November 2020
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