Sweden’s Descent into National Suicide By Richard Miller

     My hypothesis about why Sweden has been worked over in hyper-drive with self-destructive White pathology is that is represents a convenience genetic elimination of the Nordic gene pool by racial suicide. A people who have not invaded anyone since Viking times, over 1,000 years ago, now embrace the globalist cosmopolitan mantra, not held by countries such as China by the way, that their gene pool must be replaced at all costs. And, native Swedes will be a minority in what was once their own land in 10-15 years, making them happy, happy, happy:

     And yet, others such as Denmark, may be watching Sweden’s descent into chaos and taking action:

     Anyway, Sweden after the recent elections, may be descending to ungovernability, perhaps faster than even the US:

“Although the insurgent immigration patriot Sweden Democrats took a record 17.6% of the vote in the September 9 general election, this was less than a lot of people had predicted. But now it appears it may have been enough to make Sweden ungovernable. Indicative of the psychological stress Swedish Leftists are under: a government minister’s extraordinary personal attack on visiting Canadian Alt Lite guru Jordan B. Peterson—resulting his latest book becoming a best-seller in Sweden although no Swedish translation is available. No country in Western Europe is as strangled by Political Correctness as Sweden. No country in Western Europe has a “managed democracy” as much as Sweden, with its non-secret ballots and decades of unchallenged socialist rule. No country in Western Europe has taken so many young, male Muslim “refugees” per capita as Sweden, with its Islamic “no-go zones,” rape wave, and swelling population. This combination of national brainwashing and fear appears to be why it has taken so long—compared to in Norway or Denmark—for the “far right” to make any serious breakthrough in parliamentary elections. Although arguably a disappointment, Sweden Democrats’ 17.6% vote share translates, due the system of regional proportional representation lists, into the same percentage of seats in the Riksdag [=Parliament]. This means that it is impossible for either the Rightist bloc of parties (“The Alliance”) or the Leftist bloc (“Red-Greens”) to form a government without the support either of each other or of the only group which cares about immigration and the future of Sweden: Sweden Democrats.’

     Thus, it is likely that we could see shutdowns of the Swedish government, or at least an inability to get key things done, which in the longer term is probably a good thing, given all of the genocidal things the government in the past has done. A system that becomes so corrupt deserves to rot. Swedes against this may need to either form their own breakaway ethnostate, or move to other Nordic countries, less insane, and let Leftoid Sweden implode, provided that borders are hermetically sealed in a type of zombie apocalypse quarantine, just like putting the entire country under a giant, inescapable, unbreakable, dome, or test tube. The level of political correctness is so insane in Sweden that comics from surrounding Nordic countries, such as Denmark, make whole careers out of tipping buckets of it, on the zombiefied Swedes:

     This is how Sweden ends, not with a bang, or a whimper, but with nervous laughter.



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Tuesday, 20 October 2020
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