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Sweden: Race Suicide, Not with a Bang or a Whimper, but a Laugh By Richard Miller

     T. S. Eliot got it wrong, in his famous poem “The Hollow Men,” about how the world would end, “not with a bang but a whimper.”  With Sweden, the end would be not with a bang, not even  a whimper, but a dry nervous laugh. Sweden, in terms of white pathology has moved beyond the whimper stage and has entered the tragicomic, a level of absurdity that Beckett and Ionesco could never have captured:

“While feminists push for adding names like Khaled, Doris and Laila into the phonetic alphabet to promote "inclusion," the military suggests this step would endanger communication as the phonetic alphabet must "sit in the backbone." The official Swedish spelling alphabet used by the military and the police, is not sufficiently "equal" or "diverse" and must be enhanced with female and Arabic names, the Frederika Bremer Association and the Equalisters NGO demanded in an opinion piece published in Sweden's leading daily Dagens Nyheter. The spelling alphabet, also known as the radio alphabet and the telephone alphabet, is a set of words used to denote certain letters to avoid misunderstanding in oral communication. The Swedish spelling alphabet originated in 1891 and consists of traditional Swedish names like Adam, Bertil, Erik, Sigurd, Tore and Yngve. The feminist groups want to replace the men's names in the alphabet to become more "inclusive" and better reflect Sweden's increasingly multicultural society. According to the feminists, there is "no excuse" for having names representing Swedish men exclusively. "Including more than just men with traditional Swedish names is important to visualize the diversity of society. We need to be able to speak with a language that is everybody's. The government needs to be open and inclusive," they wrote.”

     The military have not yet raised the white flag to the femo-ethnic lobby, but no doubt soon will, because this is where diversity leads:



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Wednesday, 08 July 2020
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